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Whitney McCullough 03-10-2018 12:31 AM

On Ramp Program
I need some advice on an on ramp program. For some reason, I'm not finding any threads for this subject and I can't imagine there are none. In preparation for opening a box, what do you suggest for an on ramp program as far as cost, what movements to teach (obviously the 9 foundational movements), length of time, and wods to program in. I've seen one box from researching in my area that has a foundation fee of however much, and the rest of the month is free after foundations are completed. I like this idea, but wonder if the cost would be too high and offsetting to newbies who aren't familiar with the community.

Thanks for any input!

Chris Sinagoga 03-29-2018 06:40 PM

Re: On Ramp Program
Hey Whitney,

I think with every decision you make on the Fundamentals program, you need to ask yourself [I]Is this emphasizing something important to me[/I]?

For example, your price will depend on who you want for your gym. So will you price out some people who can't afford it? Will it be flexible enough for families to go at once? And how picky are you with technique? Private sessions or small/large group ones?

As far as movement goes, ask yourself the same thing. What principles do you follow in your coaching?

I like to make it a tryout for them as much as it is a tryout for me; meaning I feel the people out to make sure they will be good fits in the group, or if they would be better off doing private classes or something.

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