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Erik Davis 11-03-2006 03:39 PM

This is actually two questions, I wasn't sure whether it should go under "Exercises" or "Injuries and Medical".

I was going for a one rep max today on back squat. On my last attempt (failed, 20lbs above my prior attempt), I got stuck slightly below parallel on the concentric portion and held it for about 3 seconds before I gave up. Now my groin/inner thigh feels absolutely fried and I am concerned that I may have strained it (the feeling is pretty much equal on both legs). I looked on an anatomy site, and I think it is the adductor magnus.

So there are two questions I have: First of all, what would contribute to this injury? I think my form is usually pretty good, and I have never had any pain when squatting. But this was heavier than I have squatted with full ROM, and I noticed on the earlier attempt (a lighter weight, but still heavy) that I seemed to have my upper body leaning forward more than I normally do.

Second, what sort of injury does this sound like (if it even is an injury)? I don't have much discomfort when sitting down, but it feels like I need to stretch (and I have stretched it some, but it still feels tight).

Eva Twardokens 11-03-2006 11:24 PM

the adductors and hamstrings enter the picture when you squat below it is not surprising that you are sore at the adductors. If it persists and you are not functional for more than a week, I'd seek professional advice. I sense that it is most likely a sprain. For more info on squatting look up Mark Rippetoe's article on the squat in the CF journal. Not sure which issue, but someone should chime in and let you know. Heal well. might want to step up your squat attempts at smaller increments in the future.

Lynne Pitts 11-04-2006 04:49 AM

Looks like an Injuries/Medical question to moving it there.

Erik Davis 11-04-2006 06:04 AM

Hey thanks Eva, I actually read up last night on it and I understand the mechanics a bit more. Both legs feel fine today, but I am not going to be so cavalier with my lifts next time. There's no reason to look for new and exciting ways to hurt myself ;)

The adductor thing seems like two possibilities: 1, I just have a muscle imbalance because I have deadlifted much more than squat in the past 6 months, and on the DL I get my legs slightly above parallel when I start (long arms). So I never really work the hip as significantly as I would in a full ROM squat. And online it said that the use of the adductor is increased by wide foot placement; this was a possibility as I don't really remember checking foot position.

Richard Boureston 11-06-2006 11:19 AM


If you watch the lifting professionals in Olympic lifting, you almost wonder why they dumped the bar as it seemed like everything was going fine. The answer is that they could sense they weren't going to pull it off and they would rather come back and try it again later. The point is that you should never have tried to hold it for 3 seconds.

That being said, I just injured my Hamstring last week cause I wasn't listening to my body and now I have a grade 1 strain that I'm having to deal with...not fun when most exercises you do involve the hamstring. Stupid, yes, driven by wanting to succeed, yes, still stupid? Still yes.

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