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Aaron Graham 06-09-2006 04:25 AM

Hi guys

wonder if you can help? Im from Scotlanf and in not having much luck trying to find this book over here, is it just released in the States?

Also are the recipes/meal plans etc geared towards an american food suppliers?, i found that a lot of the books have things which aren't obtainable here.

Could someone give me a rough outilne of the book?

Thanks in advance


Jamie Clark 06-09-2006 05:20 AM


I got Enter the Zone from, but really all the info you need you can get in Crossfit Journal #21 for $5 US in PDF format. Order it off the main page at [url=][/url]. It doesnt really go into the theory but it has all the nuts and bolts to do the zone. Alot of info can also be found at [url=][/url]. Click on 40/30/30 nutrition, then getting started, then mastering the zone to get some theory behind it.

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