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FRANCO BELCASSIO 01-06-2004 06:12 PM

anyone here close to 40 plus straight non stop pull ups? if so what method has been working for you? what did you start at and how long did it take to get to your current level?

if you havent what plan WOULD you use in order to do hi rep sets for a competition most- results in the shortest amount of time?

bill fox 01-06-2004 07:12 PM

I would use Pavel's GTG.

That said, I have only seen 1 person in 25 years that could actually do 40 good pullups. He was an ice climber who had been training little else for about 14 years.

mark twight 01-06-2004 07:35 PM

There have been some climbers who were superstars at pull-ups. Mostly they hark from a bygone era (the 80s and early-90s).

Alex Lowe would do sessions of 400 pull-ups, strict. Not certain what the one set max was though, 35 sticks in my head for some reason. Tony Yaniro is said to have done 50, hung off one straight arm from the bar alternately to rest, 50 more pull-ups, repeat rest scenario until he hit 200 before getting off the bar. Peter Metcalf came close to or broke the national pull-up record at some point (I'll ask him how many that was next time I see him). Stevie Haston has done over 2000 in a hard day, standard days were 1200-1500. This is all genetic mutation stuff, with other areas of fitness being sacrificed for the sake of being able to yank really hard.

But I have to admit that I was way more impressed by some of the guys at CFHQ who are not climbers and have significantly more pull-ups than most modern climbers. The climbers are simply becoming too efficient at actual movement on rock or ice so the ability to pull is not as important as it once was.

Mark T.

FRANCO BELCASSIO 01-07-2004 06:37 PM

gymnast can do many straight pull ups as well

Roger Harrell 01-08-2004 09:22 AM

At my peak I probably could have pulled off 40 straight (never actually did this, though I would do sets of 30 pretty regularly). I can not however do this today, though I am heading back in that direction. I have no doubt our 1 arm rope climber guy could do this now. Many elite gymnasts, if not most, can also do this.

To get to this point you really just need to do a ton of pulling stuff. Gymnasts do a lot of pull ups, but also in the course of our workout we are constantly lifting ourselves in a huge variety of ways, this all contributes to the pulling strength.

Kevin Roddy 01-08-2004 02:38 PM

I remember reading about some old chinese guy that could do over 300 in a row.


Roger Harrell 01-08-2004 03:49 PM

There are some freakish numbers on certain things. A Japanese kid did over 2,000 handstand pushups without coming out of the handstand. That's just mutant like.

FRANCO BELCASSIO 01-08-2004 08:19 PM

yeah the chinese dude did like over 350 he weighed like 140 or so, that insane for his age and bw

Scott Parker 01-09-2004 07:58 AM

just to elaborate on mark's comments on alex lowe. it an article i once read an article that talked about an expedition he was once on. supposedly, one day he began digging this huge hole in the snow, and everyone was like, "what the heck is he doing?" eventually, when the hole was deep enough he then took a ski and put it over the top of the hole, got in, and started doing pull-ups!


Scott Parker 01-09-2004 10:46 AM

o.k. all of this is inspiring. i'm shooting for at least 200 pull-ups today! no time limit or anything though. i figured i'd do this since i fractured my toe the other day (getting IN the shower! - idiot!) and can't do any sort of squats or anything liek that.

already up to 50!


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