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joseph elberti 03-18-2006 05:42 PM

I was home depot today- I saw 12' tow rope which had 3 nylon strands rolled together-dunno, maybe 3/4" diameter

I also saw 20' of yellow chain, looked like it would work too.

Both cost in the neighborhood of $30. Can anyone see any reason why these wouldnt be viable substitutes for manilla rope?

Im sure the metal might get a little slippery if one where sweating, and Im not sure if the metal would be too hard on the hands or not...

Either way, they seemed to be cheap, sturdy substitutes- that could take outside weather as a bonus.

thoughts, ideas, comments?

James Falkner 03-18-2006 08:38 PM


I have the HD yellow tow rope, it's not metal, but it is nylon yellow/black and about 1" thick. It's a little too slippery to climb, plus I suck at rope climbs (my garage is only 8.5' high so any rope climbs for me have to start in a sitting position, which makes it that much more difficult). If I were 'into' rope climbing more, I'd spring for the good stuff.

Dan Snyder 03-19-2006 12:30 AM

Joseph, theres a way to make your own rope, posted here:

But there are also several places to purchase the real thing, which is what I would recommend. Price check these:
[url=] 7/10001/500/499/5[/url]
[url=][/url] (type in manila rope then hit find)

Paul Worman 03-19-2006 04:38 PM

Joseph, I don't know if cost is your main concern but for the $30 you were looking at for the chain or tow rope I got 20' of 1 1/2 inch manila rope, 12" of shrink tubing to whip each end of the rope and the hardware to attach the rope to your stable point. I got this at a rigging shop in my local area (Portland, OR). It is the same exact setup I have seen on websites that sell climbing ropes except they charge $80 plus shipping. Depending on where you live this is a great option.

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