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Jeffbmitchell 12-02-2013 09:17 AM

Re: garage equipment
Im buying the pullup bar from Again Faster todwy. They added the pull up bar to there cyber deals for $79 cant beat it. Im also going to get one or two kettlebells. Ive never used kettlebells and one recommendation was 53lbs is that too much for a beginner or should I go with some diff weights. I have 300 pounds and a Olympic bar some im going to hold off on the bumper plates for now. I also have adjustable dumbbells too. Thanks for the help guys you guys are great.

Dakota Base 12-05-2013 11:03 AM

Re: garage equipment
Here's how I look at weights:

All zorks are quorks, but not all quorks are zorks... In other words, you can bench bumper plates, but you can't drop steel. At some point, you'll want bumpers, so might as well start with them.

If your "MMA mats" were thick enough to protect a dropped bar, then they wouldn't be very appropriate to stand on for lifting (too much squish, not a solid enough foundation).

Clint Harris 12-05-2013 03:45 PM

Re: garage equipment
I have been tracking Crossfit HQ and Crossfit Football WODs for a while to get priorities on what equipment to get. Here is what I have - top 12 from each.
Works as what + number of occurrences.

CF HQ 668 WODs tracked
Barbell and Plates 420
Bodyweight 200
Pullup 200
Run 149
Rack and/or bench 100
Box 70
Rings 69
20# Wall Ball 64
C2 58
KB 55 (typically 1.5pd)
GHD 51
Jump rope 47

CFFB 273 WODs tracked

(NOTE: Strength not included - if it were, barbell, plates, rack and bench would be increased by 200 count each)

Barbell and Plates 147
Sprints/Shuttle runs 79 (doesn't include gassers - add 20)
Body weight 78
Pull Up 71
Rack and/or Bench 42
Box 36
40# Slam 32
50# DB 28
Rings 28
2pd KB 24
Gymnastics mat 19 (for HSPU and gymnastics practice)
Weighted 15 (as-in a belt for pull-ups or dips).

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