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Don Yates 08-01-2010 03:27 PM

Paleo please check progress..
Hi folks i need to get this off my chest as im the sort of person who worrys that things could be going wrong constantly. In the UK i train in a commercial gym which has no resemblance to the type of training crossfit requires, im permanently having to sub things to make my workouts work. Most of the guys down our gym generally are only interested in arm curls and beefing up there chest. When i start doing HSPU i get a few frowns as if im some sort of wierdo, but there we go.

Going on from that, i am finding crossfit a very interesting sport / hobby, this is the best fitness i have definately ever done. I still get slightly concerned that my food is not right which then brings me here. I did post recently, about 3 weeks into my paleo diet but now ive been going on it for about 5 weeks now.

First off 5ft 9 ins | 81kg | generally fit looking shape but a bit spongey.

I only do the warmup and the WoD (been doing about 5weeks). I stick to it like glue, my problem in the past has been switching programmes which has been a downfall for me. I run my WoD 1 week behind the main page so i can see whats coming up, sometimes i may put a ME DL in there if i know whats coming.

A typical day :

6am gym ( warm up then WoD), i may sometimes do some skill work or strengthen my calves, turns out i have bandy legs and sodding weak calves. Get serious pains in my shins, but am working on getting calves stronger.

7.15AM Breakfast...

3eggs, 3rachers bacon, pine nuts, half an onion and some chives.

at works for 8am

10ish...beef jerky ( not got weight on me) and some fruit ( banana , apple and grapes generally). Some times i may not have the beef jerky and itll be fruit only.

1pm..Salad with either a tin of tuna or 2 chicken breasts. I try to get some nuts in the box too ( walnuts for example).

6pm.. Home for Dinner...always high protein ...beef, lamb or chicken with tons of veggies.

Of an evening i have to admit i lapse a bit...there is always a chance i may have a rich tea biscuit or2 and a tea with milk :yikes:, yes i know not good.

On another note i mainly drink water all day.

My aim is to be extremely fit, there was a time when abs mattered and although i would love them im more than happy to just be super fit now. After watching many crossfit games heats now thats where id like to be and im sure the body will follow.

Im not really sure what i would like you to say or respond like...maybe some reassurance things are looking right, is the diet ok or should there be even more protein in there? If im too vague please tell me and ill try and elaborate a bit more. For now it is 23.15pm and work looms in the morning so i apoligise if this doesnt make huge sense now ZZzzzz.

Brent Eno 08-01-2010 06:04 PM

Re: Paleo please check progress..
Saying you want to get "extremely fit" is vague. You need to have more specific goals to focus on, like picking a number on a specific lift that you want to reach or setting a 5k goal time. When you narrow that down, you can dial in your diet and figure out how much you need to eat.

The quality of your food looks fine, but, if you want to gain some muscle, you need to eat more. plug your daily foods into Fitday, and I think you will be surprised how little you are eating.

Don Yates 08-02-2010 10:31 AM

Re: Paleo please check progress..
Hi Brent thanks for your feedback, its hard for me to be specific abut goals, it really is. I want to get stronger that is for sure, as im quite weak. my crossfit total the other day was a measily..

DL - 280lb
BS - 200lb
SP - 130lb

Id like to increase all of those for general strength. Id like to test the above again in 2 weeks and see if theres any gains... i suppose aim would be

DL 300lb
BS 225lb
SP 150lb

As for endurance its very hard at the moment, when my shins / calves are right i run approx 6 min a mile. I am practicing lots of skill work at the moment, headstands, double unders , things i am weak at.

Sorry i have no set goals just to increase my endurance and be able to do Angie everytime without getting soo gassed out or even worse sick, which i have been now twice. I want to increase times as i go for each WoD and improve in general. If still vague ill try and dig deeper, on another note...fitday???? what is this?

Brent Eno 08-02-2010 01:30 PM

Re: Paleo please check progress.. WFS- sign up for a free account and you can log your daily food intake. It will break everything down for you, from total calories to macronutrient percentages.

For your weight, those strength numbers are pretty low. I would make that a priority right now. I would try to get about 4000 calories or more a day(gonna be tough, especially with clean food; may want to make up some calories with milk), and take in 1 gram of protein or more per pound of lean body mass(what you weigh minus your body fat).

As far as programming goes, I would probably either follow crossfit football, or pick and choose from the heavy metcon page( wfs), and work in heavy lifts(back squat, deadlift, shoulderpress) and olympic lifts(if possible) as much as possible. Make a workout log and track your progress. Work in a few bodyweight metcons every now and then(angie, barbara...).

Tyler Afflerbach 08-02-2010 01:54 PM

Re: Paleo please check progress..

Originally Posted by Don Yates (Post 820516)
Sorry i have no set goals just to increase my endurance and be able to do Angie everytime without getting soo gassed out or even worse sick, which i have been now twice. I want to increase times as i go for each WoD and improve in general. If still vague ill try and dig deeper, on another note...fitday???? what is this?

It doesn't sound like you are eating enough calories for the rate you are working out and second if you want to get stronger you will need to eat more calories so your muscles can use the extra calories to build bigger muscles.

Fitday is a website you enter your meals to see how many calories you are eating but its not an easy site but its free.

Good luck,


Don Yates 08-02-2010 03:27 PM

Re: Paleo please check progress..
I took a look at that fitday and yes found it rather confusing. Accorinding to what i tapped in im consuming about 2000 calories a day on the button it seems. When i started on paleo the intention was, was to lose some belly fat. You sure the more i do crossfit i wont get steady increases in strength anyway eating how im eating. I cant say im completely weak i think my main problem could be the lack of knowledge on olympic lifts which lets me down, possibly a form problem. On another note i bench rather better, roughly 110 kg flat and am able to do a fair number of HSPU x 15 - 20max. I think my main issue is i have not been setting goals or recording what im doing so i have downloaded an excel spreadhseet with all the WoD on and hopefully over time i can build up some good data/ history on how my performance is for the relevant workout. This will then push me to do better and better.

On another note,

Appreciating your input Brent / Tyler

many thanks

Brent Eno 08-02-2010 04:52 PM

Re: Paleo please check progress..
You will make some strength gains simply by following the main site. They will be slow, but will happen. You just need to listen to your body. If you feel like you don't have any energy and aren't recovering, eat more.

The belly fat issue will be resolved if you train hard, completely avoid sugar(some fruit is ok), get 8+ hours of sleep, and keep stress at a minimum. Thats about it.

Also, you can make your own workout log on this site. You can do your own excel spreadsheet, but, if you want some critique on your programming, you might want to make one here.

Don Yates 08-03-2010 02:52 AM

Re: Paleo please check progress..
Great idea Brent ill do both, log it here and on my main spreadsheet at home. Ill keep going and may alter my program after say 4 months or so to Crossfit football for strenght purposes. Ill try and eat more but already the amount of food i buy is becoming shocking. Also as i mentioned above i run one week behind the main WOD. I did RoY today took me 30 mins but when i got home i was sick everywhere. Did everything as i should other than i only DL 160lb as opposed to 225lb...anyway thx for the info once again Brent.

Brent Eno 08-03-2010 08:16 AM

Re: Paleo please check progress..
Happy to help Don. Roy was a pretty tough workout, but what do you mean by you got sick everywhere? Make sure you are listening to your body and not overdoing it, and that you are not doing the workouts on a full stomach. Meal timing is very important with intense workouts. I usually eat breakfast then workout an hour and a half to two hours afterward, but everyone is different.

Don Yates 08-03-2010 09:30 AM

Re: Paleo please check progress..
What i meant was after my workout this morning i drove home and when i got in i was sick. Wasnt pleasant and not the 1st time, however im not the only one from browsing on these boards that has been sick. On another nte i get up in the morning at 6am then go to the gym do my thing, get home and approx 15 - 20 mins after i get in i usually eat breakfast.

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