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Anthony Bainbridge 09-21-2006 05:15 AM

So yesterday we weren't feeling that great and decided to take it easy on "Lynne" until the last round. 5th round comes up and Jodi cranks out 28 chinups!!

I stood there in shock (and fear) ... 28! After 4 rounds of "Lynne!" Insane!

I'm predicting 40 when she's fresh and healthy, which puts the pressure on me to improve. It's on!

David Knutzen 09-21-2006 09:58 AM

That's pretty hardcore.

I managed to get a new PR of 26 pull-ups (over previous PR of 21) on the first round of Lynne. It seemed like I was on the bar forever, though. Beating 20 is quite the achievement. Tell Jodi I said he's a bad mofo.

Anthony Bainbridge 09-21-2006 10:23 AM

David, I passed your note to Jodi and she responded, "Who said that? He thinks I'm a boy??"

Uh oh ... you made her angry!

Congrats on your PR! 26 is awesome and 30 is just around the corner!

Dwayne Holloway 09-21-2006 06:07 PM

That is awsome! Kelsey (my 17 yo daughter)did her first one about a month ago and look on her face was priceless. Again we are very impressed with both of you. Thanks for taking the time to update and inspire. Tell Jodi again Kelsey and Tara (my 15 yo daughter) are very encouraged by her and so am I!


David Knutzen 09-22-2006 06:58 AM


Kids, here's a lesson in both reading comprehension and assuming. :bangin:

Anthony Bainbridge 09-24-2006 12:43 PM

Jodi hit 30 reps, AFTER rowing a 1:57 500m!!

John Velandra 09-26-2006 04:38 PM


Jon Gilson 09-27-2006 06:45 AM

Wow!!! Great job, Jodi. That's inspirational stuff. I'm going to mount a flat screen at CF Boston, and show that video to every woman who tells me they'll "never get one". Way to go!!!!!



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