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Or Adams 05-28-2005 12:34 PM

I'm new to here and all and understand the system of the messages but I dont get something.
If I sent someone a private message, does it go to his "Check new messages" section or to his e-mail ?
When I go to the "Check new messages" area, I see some of the last topics I've watched but no private message..

Would anybody explain me what is this "new messages check" thingy?
and where do I watch my private messages?


David Wood 05-28-2005 04:03 PM

Or: it sends him a message to his personal e-mail (whatever he recorded when he registered with CrossFit). You won't see it on the message board (that would hardly be "private").

Brian Mulvaney 05-28-2005 07:37 PM


Please check in with the moderators regarding the status of your account. Look for an email.



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