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Ramiro Ramirez 08-17-2006 07:23 AM

hi to all, wish some one could help me with my overhead squat progresion, i am able to do 150 air squats, lift 135 punds in a squat, but i wish to start doing OHS because som of the WOD require to do it, but its difficult so how can i start doing them.

Travis Loest 08-17-2006 07:58 AM

First, make sure you watch the video on the exercise page; next, practice with a broom stick. Don't worry about any weight at all, just the broom stick. Make sure your form/tech. is perfect before you start adding weight. Don't get discouraged, it's worth the time and effort to learn properly. Make sure that your arms are locked out and you are gently applying pressure outward, like you are trying to pull then ends of the stick away from each other; then slowly lower down into a squat, stick your butt back and chin forward to keep balance and drop your butt down between your knees. When you come up, think about coming up until your legs are past the 90 degree point, then picture your hips coming forward more than up. rinse and repeat. If you are having problems with shoulder flexibility work on dislocates, it's where you hold the broomstick in front of you, hands out towards then end (like in a snatch grip) and raise the stick up over your head then down behind your back. If you can pass it from front to rear easily bring it back to the front and slide your hands an inch or two closer and repeat. When you find your "sticking point" slip your hands out no more than an inch and work through the "sticking point" 5-10 times. When I do my OHS as part of my warm up I alway do the dislocates, it's helped me with a lot of shoulder mobility issues I use to have. Good Luck and happy squatting.

Tim Dewey 08-17-2006 08:20 AM

Hi Ramiro. Good advice above. I would do them every day with a dowel or PVC (I do this if only for flexibility issues). Next, I would do a search on "Goblet Squats". There were several threads on this in the past, and Dan John's progressions from goblet, to overhead, to front, to back squat are unbeatable. At least for me, anyway. I do them everyday along with some of the CF warmup and Buergner's stuff to loosen up. Think of it more as a stretch/flexibility thing until you are comfortable with them, then start adding weight and use them as an exercise.

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