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Sean Houston 07-12-2010 06:59 PM

Noob checking in/ Building home gym stuff
Hello all, I am a new to weight lifting. I can't believe it took 35 years to start but it did. If I would have had Starting Strength back in my earlier years who knows what type of beast I'd be now. I have been lurking the crossfit thing but am trying to decide if I'm going to stick to the workout in Starting Strength (of which I enjoy) or migrate into crossfit.

Now for the meat and potatoes. I'm building my home gym for a couple reasons. I refuse to leave my toddler with the yahoos in LA Fitness to watch my kid while they flirt with guys and not pay attention to the kiddos. Also the gym is a 20 min drive away. So time is an issue. I've missed workouts because of time and the demands of being a single dad. So on to my journey. I built a 8x8 platform with four 3/4" plywood and horse mats. I ordered a B&R bar and an R-3 power rack from Rogue. Actually, I originally ordered a powertec and a week went by and no status of when I might get my power rack. So I tried to call them on Friday to get a status. I called several times and couldn't get through. To me that's an indicator of bad customer service and/or infrastructure so I emailed them and canceled the order. Every time I've called Rogue I have gotten an answer and they have been helpful. Customer service goes a long way. I got about 400lbs of steel plates off craigslist. The only thing I'm waitin on is my power rack.

QUESTION: When you lag bolt the power rack to the platform, are you going directly to the wood or is the rack sitting on the horse mat and bolt through the horse mat to the wood?

I am NOT planning on drilling into my garage floor/foundation. I heard that lag bolts to the platform are sufficient.

Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated

Joe MacGregor 07-20-2010 02:29 PM

Re: Noob checking in/ Building home gym stuff
Hi Sean,

I just built a 8'x'10' setup similar to what you described, and I lag screwed the R3 to 2 x 3/4" plywood sheets directly, with no rubber in between. It works fine so far, with just a little swaying of the rack during aggressive kipping. The alternative (fastening through the mats) sounds less ideal because the rubber has some give, but seems acceptable.

The reason I fastened to two sheets rather than three (the total platform thickness) is that my ceiling is low, and I needed all the vertical clearance I could get to make use of the pull-up bars. In this way, the base plates are slightly recessed relative to the third layer of the platform, which is fine. Depending on the existing configuration of your third layer, you could cut the wood/rubber and do the same, skipping fastening to the rubber.

Also, Home Depot didn't have short enough 1/2" lag screws for my setup, so I had to go to a local fastener store. The thread typically doesn't go all the way to the head of the screw, so you probably won't be fastened to much rubber if you go that route...a good thing.

Hope that helps,


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