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Zachary Hany 07-12-2005 07:12 PM

I’m not sure if this has been written up before, but I was hoping to compile a list of all of the substitutions that people regularly use due to a lack of either strength (muscle-ups), skill (O-Lifts), or equipment (rope, rowers).

Having the substitutes for the O-lifts would be great for me since I am not yet confident in my ability, but would still be able to get a feel for the moves by drilling with a PVC pipe and then doing the lift substitutes. This is assuming that there are suitable substitutes for the O-lifts.

I know that some good substitutes that are posted in the FAQ (muscle-ups, rope climbs, wall ball, running, and rowing), but hopefully more can be added.

So, if people could point me to a previous list (I didn’t really find anything comprehensive in the archives, but might have missed it), or add on substitutions that are commonly made.

1 MU = 2-5 pull-ups + 2-5 dips, or one minute of each (big discrepancy on this one)
Rope climb = 1 towel pull-up for every foot
Wall-Ball = 40 lb BB/DB thrusters
KB swings = DB swings
Running = Rowing = Biking (use equal time intervals)
Rowing = SDHP, 45lb for men 30lb for women, 1 pull for every 10 meters

HSPU = standing DB shoulder press + wall stands, elevated feet push ups ?
1 pull-up = ? jumping pull-ups

Steven C. Herndon 07-15-2005 08:58 PM

I am also looking for some subs for oly lifts till I can get some coaching on them. (previously majorly screwed up my back and do not want to do it again) Also, If you can not score 18+ on Tabata squats, should I sub something else on a max squat day?

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