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Dan John 08-27-2004 06:25 PM

Today's WOD included these and I started thinking about halfway through about what an excellent teaching method this if for the Snatch. The Overhead Lunges really make one keep the bar aligned in the right place...little coaching is needed.

My favorite teaching sequence is "The Drill."

1. Power Snatch and Overhead Squat, lower bar to
2. Hang Squat Snatch, slowly lower bar to
3. Squat Snatch

This is one rep. Maybe this other sequence (SS+OS+OL) might be a great next step.

Jay Edvardz 08-28-2004 06:49 AM


On a semi-related note; if I can't find a coach for the Oly lifts in my area, do you have any suggestions for learning the lifts? I've been sifting through your site and found your beginners program. Do you think I shoul start with Bulgarian style rock bottom squats and move on from there (I.E., the progression listed in your slideshow)? Thanks a lot - your site's an awesome resource!


Dan John 09-02-2004 02:23 PM

I taught myself...then got good coaching. If alone, I would try to be perfect in my technique. I will try to find some of the old ideas that are moldy on my desk and help you. But, yes, solid squat first...if lots of "swings."

But, the key: do.

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