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John Fox 05-01-2006 10:13 PM

ok I'm follow the zone diet and I've been doing crossfit for about a month now. I have had incredible results and love it. My only question is say I go out once or twice a month and drink a lot of alcohol. Other than that I don't drink alcohol and follow a very strict 18 blocks a day zone diet. I know that your testosterone is all messed up for a couple days afterwards and the following WOD is hell but other than that how bad am I screwing up the results of my excercise and fat loss. Also if I am going to drink what would be a good choice obviously not regular beer. I tend to think miller lite and straight vodka are healthier as far as carbs/calories am I correct?

Paul Findley 05-02-2006 08:03 AM

My theory is that if I am going to poison myself, it should be the best poison available.

So either quit binge drinking or select the best you can afford and have a good time.

Miller Lite...yuk.

David Stegman 05-02-2006 08:55 AM

Nothing good comes from binge drinking. I'm not sure how anyone can't see the logic in that.

Twice a month is every 2 weeks you know. Getting sloshed every 2 weeks is for sure going to have a negative effect on your workouts and progress on the Zone. By your account you have up to 6 days or more out of the month that your body isn't operating at a "heatlhy" level. You have the 2 days of drinking and then 4 or more days of your recovery time. I would say that's not very good.

Motion Macivor 05-02-2006 09:42 AM

While I agree with David I think you have to ask yourself "what am I saving myself for?". If you are a competitve athlete whith lofty goals then lay off the booze. If not why be a stick in the mud? I think that personal development should be intelectual, physical, and social. Don't take this advice as a licence to become a drunk but if your having fun with friends and not hurting anyone whats the harm in that?

Dont worry about the carbs in beer worry about the preservatives. Look for a nice perservative free micro brew. And stay away from draft beer. more often than not it's the cheap draft on special that will leave you with the diamond splitter headache and the "Ring of Fire". Girl drinks will also do a number on you, so stay away from Mai Tais, Grasshoppers and Chocolate Choo Choos.

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