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Jennifer Conlin 06-22-2007 08:19 AM

Something that I've noticed with DB snatches with either high reps or long barn burner workouts is that they can kill peoples shoulders. Because... they're receiving all the power from the pull in there shoulders and not in there hips and legs. I'm not personally running classes just helping out. If I were running classes I would keep my DB snatches low in numbers and in couplets.
I've witnessed this in several classes and with people who are good at DB snatches when they're fresh.
Any thoughts?

Joe Celso 06-22-2007 10:59 AM

I can see this happening if the trainee starts to whip the db up by "unfurling" the shoulder (shoulder gets inactive with fatigue) or not setting the arm properly prior to the pull (in too much of a hurry) or in trainees that accelerate before setting some tension. If I see someone getting sloppy - I'll yell at them and make them stop... send them home if they persist :-)

Gorm Laursen 06-22-2007 02:07 PM

I'd do them fresh. If you need to burn someone that's already smoked, have them do swings instead.

Jennifer Conlin 06-22-2007 02:52 PM

Yeah that's a good idea. It's hard to avoid the benefits of a well done snatch. It's a awesome movement. I've just been thinking about this for a while. It all started when I saw a video that I made. I was watching one women who is very technical on, she does the snatch with such grace and strength. As I watched her do them during a long arduous workout she was taking the full blow on her shoulder...yikes. So from then on I've been doing a mental study. I also saw a vid of myself doing them in a long barn burner workout and was like [color=ff0000][/color][color=ff0000][/color][color=ff0000][/color][color=ff0000][/color]...that looks bad.
I think I've come to the conclusion that they serve a better purpose when done in low reps or partitioned within a workout with low reps. As a coach you have to be constantly on your trainees to receive the snatch with the hips and legs.
I actually prefer to do them with a KB anyhow. But the DB is a more available tool in classes.

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