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Mike Shaw 07-24-2007 12:29 AM

Hi All,
Just wanted to know if anybody incorporates a mixed schedule for both Martial arts training and Power Lifting. I have had reasonable success with AM workouts (mainly power lifts etc, Gymnastics movements)and PM MA sessions. I eat 6 meals throughout the day / night to compensate and get a good 8 hours sleep a night. In the past I have had some problems with overtraing but that was when my diet was lacking and highly stressful circumstances.... Having recently taken a small break I would like to get back into it all but dont want to break down.....

Getting the momentum to begin AM workouts will be a challenge but the proposed schedule will be as follows:

Tuesday AM - REST
Saturday AM - REST

Some mornings I may feel like to getting up and doing something on the REST Days. Is this too much?? Even starting with moderate weight / full proposed REST days etc..

Im sorry if this seems like a really obvious "too much" question but this is something that i want [b][i][u]really badly[/u][/i][/b] and any responses would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance

Colm O'Reilly 07-24-2007 02:27 AM


I can only tell you my experiences. I was doing the WoD around midday and coaching/training from 5-9 in the evenings (this is while working a desk job).

I've moved jobs this month and am now doing my WoD in the morning before work and coaching/training in the evening. It can be done, but it depends on how quickly you recover and diet.

A simple formula for overtraining is that if you're not looking forward to exercise and you don't fell energized/ready to get back the next session you're overtraining. Sure there's times when you don't look forward to training and afterwards you're glad you did or the occasional session where you're wiped but if it's constant you're overtraining imo.

Hope this helps,

Darren Zega 07-24-2007 05:54 AM


I've done mid-afternoon Crossfit at the end of my day job (I work from 7:30 to 3:30 so I can hit the gym) and taught karate in the evening (6:30-9:00 3-5 times a week) for most of the summer. What I've noticed, as expected, is that you can't do both at full intensity. Either your fitness training or your martial arts training will win. During first 3 weeks of both, expect to be exhausted. All the time. Make sure you go out of your way to allow enough rest and sleep. Once you get used to it, try and balance the needs of both. On days that I'm wrecked from one of the girls, I would make sure my MA workout really wasn't physically intensive and focused solely on technique. In fact, training technique when you're shot physically is the best time to do it. If you can get your form solid while you're exhausted you're set in either the ring or the street. My sparring buddies told me that I showed measurable differences in my footwork and technique while fatigued.

Personally, I think your proposed plan is going to be overtraining unless you treat your Tuesday and Saturday PM workouts as an active rest. It's tough to juggle both and I think the only reason it worked for me is because I’m the teacher, and I get to pick what I do at the dojo.

Emily Mattes 07-24-2007 09:20 AM

In June I started a program where I went from being virtually sedentary for a few months to working out at least two hours a day, doing CF, running, capoeira, and cardio. My diet was perfectly Zoned, I was getting plenty of sleep, and I'm in my early 20s. You can check my workout log for a week-and-a-half snapshot of this period.

I lasted for about two weeks before pulling a hamstring, spraining a knee, and putting myself out for almost a month.

I think whether or not your schedule is overtraining depends on your current fitness level. I loved my schedule--I'd never felt that kind of energy before--and it definitely did not feel like overtraining. But because I was out of shape my body couldn't keep up with my enthusiasm and I injured myself. I wanted it, I wanted it [i]bad[/i], but I wasn't smart about it at all.

I'm now doing just CF. This week I plan on starting to add in extra workouts, but not at all like the rate I was before. If I were you I would start out just doing one workout a day, and after a week or two start adding more during the week depending on how in shape you are. However, it looks like you don't want to work out twice a day six days a week like I was, so it's probable you may not find the same issues at me.

EDIT: Also, you have the freakiest user icon I've seen on these boards!

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Kat Campise 07-24-2007 08:13 PM

I've been doing an AM.CF and PM.MA (Muay Thai) schedule for about four weeks now. Although my body is specifically adapted to perform two workouts per day (I used to do HOURS of cardio training for fitness competitions and body part BB type weight training, then MORE cardio), I find that the dual intensity of CF and MT requires a "down cycle" (actually, I'm only going to do CF this week until Friday, and then resume my regularly scheduled program ;) for me personally. The last time I did not schedule a microcycle of down time, my body forced me to go down for 10 weeks after pulling a minor glute muscle (I could not walk).

As noted above, I can tell when I'm overtrained as I absolutely do not look forward to my training (I'm a CF/MT geek, this feeling is the kiss of death for me, I hate it), while being a bit "restless".

I know everyone is a bit different, but I do often recommend the aforementioned scheduled "down time". It not only refreshes physically, but psychologically as well. I come back to Muay Thai with an increase in my performance.

Just some thoughts. :winkiss:

Sam Cannons 07-25-2007 03:05 PM


Have a look at this,

Monday AM - Lift / PM - BJJ
Tuesday PM - MA
Wed AM - Lift
Thurs AM - Lift / PM - MA
Fri AM - Gymnastic
Sat - active rest (red arrow)

Mike, given your goals and knowing you i dont think this will be over training. You know I run a similar schedule except i lift early afternoon cause i start work at 0600. Like Kat was saying every couple of weeks i throw in a few rest days. Sleep, eat and be stress free you should be fine.

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