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Mark Lamoree 02-09-2013 11:42 AM

Before the Hernia Surgery?
I am scheduled for an inguinal hernia repair in 9 days. After that, it'll be at least a couple of weeks before I can get back to working out. In short, that's just too long. I'd at least like to get some light workouts in before the surgery without making things worse. So, I'm throwing this out to the community: what, if anything, can I do without risking making the hernia worse? I'd prefer crossfit workouts, but given how much most of those involve the core, I'm not sure if any of them will work.
So, fellow Crossfitters, any ideas?

Firat Keler 02-16-2013 01:53 AM

Re: Before the Hernia Surgery?
Hello. I think you should not train and risk it until you recover.

Sean Rockett 02-18-2013 08:03 AM

Re: Before the Hernia Surgery?
Nothing where you are doing valsalva maneuvers should be safe. So as you said a lot of crossfit workouts. I would just wait. You don't want to push hernia open any further.

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