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Matt Parkins 07-06-2008 09:41 AM

Finally, my first muscle up!
I've been trying for a long time to get them on a bar with no success. Then I made some rings, but the doorway I had them hanging in was too small for muscle ups. I decided to move my rings to the tree in my back yard today, and realized I had enough room to give it a shot. And there it was, on my first try! I probably looked like a complete idiot, doing a little victory dance when I got down. So that's another exercise marked off the list. Next stop, hand stand push ups.

Jim Denofa 07-06-2008 08:09 PM

Re: Finally, my first muscle up!
you did a muscle up before your first hand stand pushup? thats crazy. I've been trying to get muscle ups for a while now and I am still hit or miss on them, the height of the rings definetly makes a difference. congratulations on your success!

Matt Parkins 07-06-2008 10:00 PM

Re: Finally, my first muscle up!
I can actually do a hspu, but only one and not with good enough form for me to feel satisfied. I have to have my hands spread fairly wide and barely get my forehead to the floor.
And for some reason I have always been substantially better at pulling exercises than pushing ones (I can easily knock out 15 dead hang pull ups and can barely OHP 100lbs). It's something I'm working on.

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