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Dare Vodusek 09-20-2015 11:51 PM

Re: Why has this message board gone so quiet?
Agree, its just an evolution of "internet medias". People moved to FB, IG, etc to get the feeling of more personal, media rich, interactions.

Also people got more lazy, its easier to post a photo or one line then get active on a forum and write long, informative stuff. Forums are more of a "hardcore" these days.

it will change or come around, no worries ;)

David Meverden 09-28-2015 04:32 PM

Re: Why has this message board gone so quiet?
I think social media plus lots of affiliates is doing in this message board.

Regarding the larger death of message boards I find it a shame. It's the triumph of "easy" over "better". I'm a member of the Starting Strongman Facebook group and it's got good stuff but since a FaceBook page is nearly unsearchable all the great questions and answers quickly become almost unfindable.

This message board has been great because I can go back and see what people have been posting about something going back months or years. I can also look back at my own stuff years back. What did I say my resting heart rate was in 2010? Exactly how much progress did I make when I did Starting Strength? Not only did I get to talk about that then, but I can look it up now.

Alex Burden 09-29-2015 10:40 PM

Re: Why has this message board gone so quiet?
if you go to the bottom of the forum page you can see the stats are worrying :(

[B]Threads:[/B] 86,489, [B]Posts:[/B] 1,249,776, [B]Members:[/B] 60,768, [B][COLOR="Blue"]Active Members: 349[/COLOR][/B]

No idea how they calculate the active members but this is under 0.006% which means things have changed and it can been seen clearly.

Chris Mason 10-20-2015 04:05 PM

Re: Why has this message board gone so quiet?
Message boards in general are pretty much dying and it is due to social media. I personally think it stinks simply because the message boards do allow for a more specific focus and the ability to weed out the b.s.

Alex Burden 10-21-2015 10:41 AM

Re: Why has this message board gone so quiet?
Now down to 315 active members

A loss of 34 people or 10% since 30 september

At this rate we will be at zero within a year.

Yet people are very active on the main site with the CF WOD

Sean J Hunter 10-21-2015 01:00 PM

Re: Why has this message board gone so quiet?
The site is extremely active, look at the number of non members on at any one point in time. It's the stop in sign up that's causing the drop in posts. Many reasons they've done this, most of them reasonable. But yes, I loved this board back in the day, and learnt a hell of a lot.


Ludovic Deguy 10-22-2015 09:06 AM

Re: Why has this message board gone so quiet?
Quick answer : a message board is so 2008 !

Blogs, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram get most of the trafic now.

Sooner or later everyone will use social media as the primary tool to communicate online.

There is still a place for message boards, some subjects need this kind of format, and as an old guy (35 ;-)), I prefer message boards, but you cannot swim against the flow for very long.

Brendan McNamar 10-24-2015 07:03 AM

Re: Why has this message board gone so quiet?
How about the fact there are 12,000+ affiliates? When I found the CrossFit in early 2010 there were 2 small affiliate about 15 miles away, combined they might have had 150 members.

Today there are 7 large gyms in that area plus lots of small/garage gyms. People get information from coaches in those affiliates not the board. Gyms like Outlaw, Invictus, Nor Cal and CFNE are driving the research these days and posting it on their own websites. Often for sale.

Simply put CrossFit grew up. I think what we miss was that great adolescence period. It was exciting, innovative, sometimes stupid (ever done "Manion"). Many of us had finally found what we had been looking for in a fitness program.

It will never go back to what it was. The genie is out of the bottle. While we may miss it, millions of people are better off because of this growing up.

Tim Geiman 01-29-2016 11:09 AM

Re: Why has this message board gone so quiet?
It's because they removed the original exercises & demos videos a couple of years ago! :shrug: I think you're right, the newbs see their own gyms as a reputable source for information and community so they don't come here as often or at all. I myself am also an example of someone who has done that very thing. We have several blogs and community pages in my gym let alone add to that the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. sometimes it's just too much to keep up with!

Nicholas Wheeler 01-29-2016 11:40 AM

Re: Why has this message board gone so quiet?
I'm a little shocked I didn't see this mentioned in this thread - but you guys want content extremely similar to what you are getting here - [url][/url] (Proceed at your own risk, *usually WFS* but sometimes not, depending on the time of day/week/month) - it's similar to a message board, mostly self-moderated.

Food for thought, I've posted identical posts both here and there, and MOST of the time, I get about 10 times more responses there than I get here.

Bunches of people already have accounts there, so it's easy to just drop into the CrossFit section and have a chat!

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