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Ben Cully 04-30-2009 01:49 PM

Re: Looking to change things up a bit with a cycle of SS
All great points to look at. I am already at 19% so weight is a issue. I am not a skinny 18 yr old by any means. More a stocky 31 year old! I can do the RX'd weights for the WOD's but I would like to improve my strength, raise my max weights in all the major moves and try and keep the same BF is not loose some with summer comming. I am a professional firefighter so strength is beneficial but also is function...I don't want to move a house I want to move 10 houses:pepper: So with all the weight gain I may try skipping the GOMAD and keeping my 18 blocks, but I am planning on 2x my fat intake. I eat very clean..I just have a hard time with all the's a pile of greens all the time:confused: I started the Wichita Falls Novice Program from SS. I needed something to do today in the gym while I figured all this out. I would love to have a coach or someone to mentor or get me off and running a little. I is hard sometimes to weed a expert from a know it all if you know what I mean. I have done CF for almost a year, and been pretty much a traditional gym rat before that with some powerlifting experience in the military. My goal, is to keep this 200lb body weight and drop the %bf while increasing my strength. I think once I hammer the strength side awhile 2,3,4 months then when I start to get bored/broken down switch over to the CFSB program. Am I on track with that though. I really like the way the CFSB is laid out, heavy weight, Met Cons and fun tires, rings etc.
Not looking to get spoon fed here" would be nice though" just needing some help on the best path to reach my goals. A thousand thanks in advance!

Kris Reeves 04-30-2009 05:06 PM

Re: Looking to change things up a bit with a cycle of SS
don't worry about being post was a little misleading...but you said what I was trying to say here:

[QUOTE=Thomas Brick;578658]
it is important to scale it back when the gains slow down[/QUOTE]

After the bulk of my gains slowed was tempting (and possibly just habit at that point) to keep eating big and drinking the milk in the name of putting more on the bar.

I didn't pull back when the gains slowed down and ended up gaining a lot of extra weight (fat) to add a few extra pounds on my already dramatically increased lifts.

I guess when I had to buy bigger jeans...not once, but twice...I should have pulled back. ;)

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