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Mike Sutherland 04-22-2014 01:03 PM

Re: Companies providing CrossFit to employees?
I've had individual cross-fit sessions payed for by my employer while traveling overseas.

I got a few good session in during my last trip to Colombia. One thing to note is that the trainers there don't stick to cross-fit style workouts. One day we did a circuit complete with 3 different curling motions and 7 total arm workouts and no squats. I left a little bit ****ed.

Other days we had great WODs so go figure.

Joe Spinelli 04-23-2014 02:34 PM

Re: Companies providing CrossFit to employees?
I am self employed and have been doing CF for about 2 years. After I started making progress and seeing results, I opened it up to my employees to try if they wanted. I have a guy who is probably 380lbs. He has problems with his knees, back, feet, etc. He came and watched a few times a while back and decided he needed to do something before Crossfit to "get ready."

After stalling for a while, I finally got him to start at my box about 2 months ago. He usually does a separate wod, but he has lost weight and he is moving better and with less pain (his words). He is still too heavy to strap in to a rower, but he does step ups, kettle bell swings, walks the building, wall push-ups, etc.

In the long run, if I can keep a good employee healthy and off of workers comp for $155 a month, I'm going to at least let him try.

Jason Denny 04-26-2014 07:57 AM

Re: Companies providing CrossFit to employees?
Our gym is open and free to all Department of Public Safety employees in the city, Feds too. Fire/Ems/police. Open Mon-Fri 0600-1200/1400-1800. Hell of a deal.

Chris Doster 06-15-2014 06:21 PM

Re: Companies providing CrossFit to employees?
Happy to read this. I live in rural Iowa and used to work in Public Health. One of my main duties was to reach out to small businesses and try to help them establish worksite wellness programs. (businesses with worksite wellness in this area are few and far between) Now that I'm on the other side I need to reach out to some of these businesses to see if they'll reimburse employees to come to my CrossFit affiliate. Thanks for the idea and keep up the good work!!!

Jason Dimaio 06-30-2014 06:14 PM

Re: Companies providing CrossFit to employees?
[QUOTE=Luke Sirakos;1223639]Can you open a Dallas office? :D[/QUOTE]

x2. Amen.

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