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Stephane Rochet 03-29-2004 04:17 PM

I noticed that someone asked about Density Training before. Here is how I learned to set up density training for my athletes. Let's say I had them lifting cleans (you can do this for ANY exercise) at roughly 80% (I just used these numbers as a guideline, not in programming). Well, 80% is usually about an 8 Rep Max. But, instead I would double the volume (to 16 reps) and do multiple sets at this weight (most likely 8x2). These reps would be done on the minute. That is every minute, a new set starts. This method has many advantages. First of all, all the reps will be powerful, quality reps. The athlete will be able to attack the weight and move it fast. We've all seen what a max set looks like and quite often the last reps are less than good. In addition, the athletes still used heavy weight but were also subjected to a higher volume, yet there is very little "drain" on the nervous system. Quite the opposite. This is an invigorating way to train. Finally, with sets on the minute, the athletes were forced to mentally set up, attack, get a brief rest, set up, attack again for multiple sets. This is very important for the mental toughness of an athlete. This is a great way to train. Does this mean never train to failure? No way. This is just another valuable weapon in the arsenal. So to recap: for density training, take a weight you can do for x number of times. Your total number of reps will be 2x. Now break it up into sets of 2 or 3 on the minute. Attack the weight and get perfect reps! Try it--you'll like the results. This is also a great method for increasing your pullup numbers.

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