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Diane Dennis 04-29-2009 09:20 AM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
[B]Terry[/B] - Good luck at the Qualifiers! I got a HUGE kick out of those clippings - The shorts and the tube socks brought back very fond memories of the teenage crush I had on Dwight Stones. While most girls were putting up David Cassidy posters, I had the June 14, 1976 Sports Illustrated cover of Dwight on my wall. What a fun memory trigger.

Charles Pyke 04-29-2009 09:33 AM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In

Feeling the same way today. Unmotivated. Thank God it's a rest day. Still have to get my game face on. I have a night flight tonight and the weather doesn't look to good.

Diane Dennis 04-29-2009 10:59 AM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
Today - 4/29/09 - 6AM on the North Shore with Patrick

[B]All Things Kettlebell[/B]
Worked with 4 sizes ranging from little and cute (presses) to big and scary (DLs):

20 swings
20 shoulder presses (each arm)

20 deadlifts
20 shoulder presses (each arm)
20 high pulls

Learned to do [B]Turkish Get-ups[/B]!! Note to self: Doing Turkish Get-ups on a brick sidewalk is brutal on the knees. Move 4-feet over and do in grass.


[B]Uneven Diane[/B] with kettlebells
Deadlift, handstand push-up modified to

heavy kettlebell on right side, one size smaller on left - do 5 DLs - do a half-pivot so that the heavy one is on the left - do 5 - half-pivot, etc till round complete.

handstand push-ups modified to elevated feet pushups (on park bench)

7:10 - slowed down by DLs and whining - had trouble gripping the big, scary kettlebell in my left hand - push-ups were no problem.

Terry Dickman 04-29-2009 11:01 AM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
[QUOTE]It is amazing that Terry's Sophomore Record vault is now a height commonly accomplished by high school girls at State meets. Not trying to minimize your accomplishment Terry, just celebrating how the ladies and coaching have improved over the last 30 years. [/QUOTE]

It is amazing Mark...the pole technology is much different know I have to have an excuse...:) that's what the old timers use to tell us when we were breaking records, they used aluminum poles before fiberglass. My pole vaulting ended that year, I snapped two poles and the second time was slightly injured, the Athletic director made me change my rated pole weight to something much stiffer, I could barely bend it, and when I did was usually out of control in the air. Back then most vaulters used a slightly lighter weight rating on the pole than their actual weight to get a good bend. I could never convince our AD, he was worried about an injury. So I quit vaulting and just did the sprints.

BTW Mark, don't underestimate yourself, most people our age are on the couch. I know very few friends my age that can do what you do, that includes all my athletic buddies, haven't found one that will do Crossfit with me. I think everyone posting here is in an elite group....either that or were are just a little crazy.

[QUOTE]shorts and the tube socks brought back very fond memories of the teenage crush I had on Dwight Stones.[/QUOTE]
Too funny Diane... Dwight Stone was one of my idols, I met him in high school before his world record..he was at 7'4" at the time. I went to a track camp down in Santa Barbara at UCSB the summer of 74. Steve Smith the world record holder in pole vault coached us for a week, Dwight Stone coached the high jumpers, Jim Ryan coached the distance runners, Wyomia Tyus coached the sprinters. They were all world class athletes, Jim Bush the UCLA track coach held the camp.

Stephen R. Lampl 04-29-2009 07:30 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
[I][B]090429 WEDNESDAY


[/B]Did nothing today - - feel great and ready to hit it tomorrow.[/I]

Terry Dickman 04-29-2009 08:18 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
[B]Senior Games Qualifier[/B]
50m sprint - placed 2nd in my age bracket but 3rd overall. Time was 7.6
Pole Vault - did about 15 jumps, could only clear 8 feet, was well above the bar when I went out at 8.5, but my form sucked..forgot how much there was to this event. Tied for last, only 4 guys doing it, I think the winning height was 9.5 feet.
Shot-put - 32 feet, 4th place - never was a shot-puter.
100M - couldn't run because shot-put event was at the same time, plus my hammies were really tight after all the vaulting/sprinting, did not want to risk it.

All in was a fun day, met a lot of great people. Was amazed by some of these old track guys. The guy who won the 50 and 100 travels all around the country competing...sprints are his thing..and it definitely shows.

After the meet I went and did Angie
[B]WOD 4-29-09[/B]
For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

26:44 RX'd

I am totally exhausted...really glad tomorrow is a rest day

Stephen R. Lampl 04-29-2009 09:27 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In

Congrats on a great showing, despite not having ever put the shot before and being up against what sounds like a very competitive "field." Glad you had fun doing it. I sincerely hope that there are some age-defined CF competitions soon. I'd love to compete once I get my "chops" up more.

BTW, you did a fantastic job of knocking out "Angie" after the quals. I think I'd have been too fried to even consider a workout.

Take care!

Stephen R. Lampl 04-29-2009 09:46 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In

Thanks for the info on the rings. A couple of the guys who work out at my globo use the Elite II rings and love them, but I've heard the Rogues are great also.

BTW, it's so neat to have had the great athletes to provide coaching/workout sessions back in your HS days. I so wish that I'd gotten into the competitive track and field / gymnastics stuff back then, but I did not come from a sports-minded family. As the old saying goes, "When all the other guys were out playing with the football, I was home, bangin' on the keys."


[/B]I have to agree whole-heartedly with Terry; don't sell yourself short. Your snatch weight, for example, is about twice what I can do comfortably - - I do not have the technique or strength yet to properly execute them. Same with OHS. So..........practice, practice, practice is in my current vocabulary.....Nice work today, BTW! Also, I guess we old guys never really stop hurting. It took me near a week to get over the pain from doing the 100 45# thrusters. I have [I][B]never[/B][/I] been so sore. I was in a slump for about three weeks, but now feel more motivated than ever. sure is nice to stay in the rack for a while longer when you can....:D.


[/B]Loved reading about your workout today! Grass is definitely easier on the knees. Especially liked the "Uneven Diane" WOD. Looks like a great core-stability exercise.


[/B]Wishing you the best for more motivation. Hope the weather cleared up enough that the flight was uneventful. Adverse weather [B]sucks![/B]

Charles Pyke 04-29-2009 10:03 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In

I'm always amazed by your imagination to come up with great workouts with zero to very little equipment!


Great job on the qualifiers. It's tough when your mind remembers what you once could do, but now the body just doesn't seem to cooperate. I figure I am about half as fast as I used to be.


Flight went great. Helped my wife with her weight lifting today and during her rests, I picked up the bar and did a few overhead squats and some light presses. Really helped snap me out of my funk. Had low ceilings but the visibility was good. No thunderstorms to dodge. Rehacked my currency for night air refueling and night landings. Great crew and we had fun (at tax payers’ expense). This is the part of the job I love. Sometimes hard to believe I get paid for doing this!


Terry Dickman 04-30-2009 07:31 AM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
[QUOTE=Stephen R. Lampl;578067]Thanks for the info on the rings. A couple of the guys who work out at my globo use the Elite II rings and love them, but I've heard the Rogues are great also.[/QUOTE]

I think they are both great, Nick has the Elite II at the box, they all work fine, I just like the look and feel of heavy metal and they don't swing around as much when you jump off. But it's all personal preference. You will be happy with either one I am sure.

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