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Alex Burden 02-13-2019 01:52 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Vic... the way we are and trash talk each other you would never think we have been together for 28 years :). This is what keeps us fresh and happy but also helps through tough times.... Life is never easy as you already know.

Wednesday morning..... so yesterday i was in pain all day from the BBJO and the twisting movement on the box, surprisingly I slept really well and did not wake up from any pain. Wife slept somewhat good but in a great mood this morning.

Plan – STRICT push and pull

Warm up
60 cal row
Extensive resistance band shoulder warm up
PVC pipe work
Strict push presses to get used to some weight.

20min or so

Strict Push

Wife – 3 x box holds x 20 seconds + 7 or so wall walks with 10 seconds hold at top
Myself - 20 strict HSPU for time = 5:19

Wife was pleased with her position today and found it easier than last time. I was pleased with my HSPU, no failures and i know i can push this.

Strict Pull
U go I go – 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4, until failure

Wife – assisted pull ups = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9+5 = 50 reps
Myself – close grip V-bar pull ups, 2 second pause at bottom = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7+6 = 33reps

Wife was sharp today and blew me away, to tough for me today.

Strict Pull
U go I go – 10, 9, 8 … 1
DB row lying flat on bench

Wife – 10kgs/22lbs
Myself – 22kgs/49lbs

Great muscle contact today, felt good

Strict Push
U go I go – 10, 9, 8 … 1
DB bench press

Wife – 12kgs/26lbs
Myself – 22kgs/49lbs

The weight felt a little heavy at the start but then it felt light. Wife had no issues either

Strict Push
1 set unbroken - Push Ups

Myself – 36 reps
Wife did not try this today

I was pleased with that, last 6 reps were tough.

Cool down
all round stretch for 20min

enjoyed it today, great focus

Alex Burden 02-14-2019 02:11 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Thursday morning and feeling really good. I went to bed early and that extra sleep makes a lot of difference. No wife today as she decided to work form home so i am all by myself.

Plan - this is going to suck

Warm up
60 cals on the rower
band work on shoulders
some light mobility

warm up with the movements from the first part

This is going to suck

2km Row for time

but @ the same time E2MOM

Power clean and jerk @ 61kgs/135lbs + 1 rep E2M, first C&J starts when the clock starts at zero.

Result = 13.50 (total C&J 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 = 28reps)

So that really sucked, the C&J take time as i went singles. Kept an even pace on the rower of around 2.05. All in all this was a good tester.

2km Ski-erg for time

but @ the same time E2MOM

5 KB swings (American) @ 24kgs/53lbs First KBs start when the clock starts at zero.

Result = 10.26 (total KB swings = 30reps)

This was tough as i was already tired after the first part. I was hoping for under 10min for this but i came up 50m short which meant i had to complete 5Kb and the final 50m that took me 26 seconds past the 10min mark. I wish now that i had pushed just a little harder earlier and i would have reached my goal.

About 10min after this i got cramp in my left calf :o, i think this is due to the activation or lack of it due to the problem with my left knee. Have to work on this later today.

Cool down
Clean up and stretch for 20min

Alex Burden 02-15-2019 02:48 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
At last Friday morning ��. I am feeling great, I can still feel my left calf after the cramp yesterday but this will be taken care of after working out with a massage. Wife went to bed late and boy she was tired this morning, I didn’t feel sorry for her this time.

Plan – Long EMOM

Warm up
As we set everything up for the plan we proceeded to warm up with the movements and stretch a little.
Always shoulder warm up
Double checked the rep counts during the warm up

30min I would say before we were ready

36 EMOM (6x6min)
So this is not a full on 100% WOD this is designed to vary the load and rest over a longer time domain.
The intensity increases at first and then de-loads on the 4th movement only to increase again at the end.

Min 1-6 = 7/5 - calories Ski-erg
Min 7-12 = 10 - T2Rings/Ring High knees
Min 13-18 = 10 - Wallballs 9/6kg
Min 19-24 = 8/6 - Push ups
Min 25-30 = 10 - DB snatches 22/9kgs
Min 31-36 = 4 - Medball G2OS 40/22kg

This got the heart rate up today and I was happy for the push ups, the DB snatch got the heart rate up and the final medball sucked. A couple of times I wanted to take an extra break but the wife was ready to go even if she was also tired. Pulled through it together and we were both pleased when it was over.

Cool down
Clean up our crap after catching our breath for 5min or so.
Stretch for 20min after than and sweat a lot

A great end to another great week

Alex Burden 02-18-2019 02:30 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning and it is that time again :) weekend was good, we both had time to rest and take it easy. Did a couple of long walks as the weather was great outside. Both a little after Friday's workout, more than we both expected.

Plan - Heavy under 2 time domains

Warm up
1km row
band and pipe work
more mobility

warm up with movements to come

30min i would say.


Time domain 1 = 5 x 3reps TnGo Deadlifts - 20min time cap
Start at whatever weight we wanted to but the weight must increase on every set after that.

Wife = 55, 65, 70, 75, 80kgs/176lbs (84% for 3)
Myself = 110, 120, 130, 140, 150kgs/330lbs (83% for 3)

Wife was solid and stong on these today. in June last year she did 75kgs for 5 but today she was also pressed for time and increase the weight. her goal os 100kgs/220lbs this year.

Myself, these felt great today and 150kgs was not a problem. June last year i did 135kgs max for 3 reps but today i felt strong. i have been peaking the past 4 weeks now.

Time domain 2 = 5 x 1 reps Snatch - 30min time cap
Start where you want and increase

Wife - 28, 28, 28, 28, 28kgs/62lbs (90% of 1RM)
Myself - 60, 68, 75kgs/165lbs (97% of 1 RM) 80kgs/FF + extra lifts FFF

Wife did well even if her shoulder was giving her problems. Her lifts were not as vertical as they should have been, she had a large ark in the second pull and that rotation, with the effort required to stop the bar going behind her head put pressure on her shoulder. I Think that she gets this problem when the bar is to light for her, she will muscle it up rather than trust her technique. I did not get involved in her lifts today, i left it to her.

Myself - a friend at the gym who is a great lifter asked me before we started the deadlift if we were going to snatch today... i said yes and his face just lit up :D, he wanted to lift With me today. the only difference was that he had more time to warm up and start at a good weight compared to me. He really push me and the time domain, i think we were done in 25min for both of us. He made 85kgs look easy, my best lifts were on the extra attempts 4&5, i had the bar above my head but did not have fully pocked arms. i was really pleased with those PR attempts today.

Cool down
15 min stretch after cleaning up

Alex Burden 02-19-2019 01:57 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning and a little tired, wife slept really well but would have loved to be able to sleep an extra hour but thats a big no no :).

Plan - partner

Warm up
1km row
Shoulder band work and pipe work

Set up everything and warm up With those movements.

25-30min i would say


300 cal Assault Bike for time

+ every time we alternate on the bike = Penalty

1 = 5 Pull ups/ring pulls
2 = 5 Burpees
3 = 5 KB swings (American) 24/16kgs 53/35lbs
4 = 5 T2B/T2 rings

Result = 27.33

So it worked like this: Every time we alternated we had a penalty of 5 reps of a movement. The movements were completed as U go I go in the order of 1,2,3 and 4. So the penalty is nothing special but enough to mess with you a little.

I started on bike, wife 5 ring pulls...
wife on bike, myself 5 pull ups...
myself on bike, wife 5 burpees
wife on bike, myself 5 burpees

and so on and so on. We just kept alternating like that until we were done with the 300 cals. When we were done we had completed 2 full rounds of penalties and 1 round of ring pulls/pull ups.

On the AAB we kept the speed even the whole time (good pacing), wife averaged 58 RPM and myself 68 RPM. First couple of rounds the wife completed 10 and myself 15 cals but we then increased to around 15 and 20 cals. No lactric acid build up, just below that.

Wife did T2 Rings and did reallt well.

Cool down
Clean up our crap
20min stretch

enjoyed this today

Alex Burden 02-20-2019 01:30 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
First things first... short update, had my MRI on my knee yesterday, should have an answer within 5 Days.

Wednesday morning - tired but we are and feeling great. Some muscle soreness from the past couple of days, nothing crazy.

Plan - no plan, came up with something at the gym

Warm up
1km row
very light stretch

plan something to come up with and warm up with that.

What we came up with
5 rounds each of
Row 400/300 meters
2 x 20m - 1 arm OH - KB farmers walk 24/16kg (53/35lbs)

no rush and it took 13min for us to complete

5 rounds each of
Row 400/300 meters
2 x 20m - sled push 80/65kgs (176/143lbs)

We both did this at the same time and the total time was when we were both done. This took 18.29 for us to complete this. Nice burn in the legs.

15 rounds each of
Superman holds 10 seconds on/off

We both enjoyed this today

Cool down
sweat and stretch for 20min

Alex Burden 02-21-2019 01:53 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Thursday morning and feeling good.... the wife really tired and i think she needs a break soon, some R&R. I slept well and apart from my knee i am feeling really good.

Plan for today - Collateral damage

Warm up
1km row
extensive shoulder warm up with bands

and warm up with the first part

Collateral damage
So with my first open attempt coming tomorrow morning the plan for today was to to just go through the motions. Today is more of a check to go through some basic movements and get the feel of them just in case they turn up tomorrow.

The most important thing today was full range of motion, quality of the movements... oh and one more thing - light weight.

light weight - 20 min
wife 10-20kgs, myself 45kgs

Power Clean
push press strict
Wall balls

There was no rep or set count, we went with the flow, rep and round it as we wanted.
I would say based on my numbers that we both roughly completed 30-35 squats, 25 Power Cleans, 15 push strict push presses, around 20 OHS and finally 30 wall balls.

This all felt good today and the weight was not an issue what so ever. We would vary the unbroken sets, go unbroken, tngo, different variants.

Strict pull ups both pronated and supinated
In total i think we completed around 30 of them. They all felt good, i helped the wife make a very small adjustment at the bottom to help her With her assisted PU.

Strict HSPU/wall walks
Wife completed 4-7 wall walks and she looked good. her goal is to get closer to the wall, today 3 inches closer. I completed strict HSPU 1,3,4,3,3 and they felt really good and did not take that long either.

Strict push ups with a short hold at bottom and full lock at the top
I would say 20 reps in total, no big problems here.

So all in all this felt good today and the movements were perfect. No blow outs or failure reps.

Cool down
20min stretch

Good luck to everyone who decides to take part in the open. This is my fifth year in the 45-49 masters and maybe my last, who knows. I am only doing this for myself and no-one else.

Vic McQuaide 02-21-2019 09:27 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Alex, Yes this will be your last year in the 45-49 hehe.. Then 50 comes and you get a second wind, everything is light, no pain or injuries, wrinkles fade away.. well enjoy your youth when you can. Good luck buddy!

Alex Burden 02-22-2019 02:37 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Friday morning and it's that time again 19.1.

I woke up and i was so tired, so tired and my knee was giving me grief.. anticipation was gone, i had no idea how i felt. i was thinking bollocks i am not going to do it, i'll do it on Monday and this was before i had even checked the workout. This did not change on the trip to the gym and even during my warm up.. things were not looking good :(. After a while i said to myself... this is not bad i can rest on the rower, i'm a good rower.... So after my warm up i was ready... Wife was back from doing her stuff and she was my judge as she has always been. I trust the wife and she is the person i want in the back of my head, she is all i can hear.

Warm up
Wife did her thing
I grabbed a rower and WB i did some rowing, squats, shoulder band work.

I tested the rower and the speed i wanted to be at, gradually increased my pulse during the warm up.

After 35min it was game on... talked With the wife about the plan and what she will do and say so i know where i am.

Workout 19.1

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
19 wall-ball shots
19-cal. row

Men throw 20-lb. ball to 10-ft. target

Result = 253 reps (6 rounds + 25 reps)

My plan for this was complete 6 full rounds, rest on the rower and all of the wallballs must be unbroken. I kept the rower between 850-900 cal/hr which meant it would take 1min 15/20 seconds to complete the 19 cals. Transition was quick no resting, just a quick fluid refill, this meant i did not loose so much time but you do lose time becasue you need to transition so many times.
My Wallballs took 40-42 seconds each round, nice and easy unbroken. my pulse was a little high after this but i could bring it back down on the rower.

I will repeat this on Monday With a slight change to the plan... i will row a little different and go for 7 full rounds.

Tips from me:
Do not push the rower and have to stand and look at the wallball to rest, take those 5 extra seconds on the rower and go unbroken on the wallballs. I would say that most people that max out will do it on the wallballs and that is where you wil loose time. As long as the rower is moving you are buring cals, no matter how fast.

Was i pleased With my result today = yes i was :D

So the wife did her thing and i am not sure how she warmed up.

20 min - Run
3:22km/247 calories.

She completed 3km in 18:52 which is really good for her, she was pleased with that.

10 min - Ski-erg

She felt ok on this and kept an even pace.

Cool Down
stretch and chat for 20min

Alex Burden 02-25-2019 01:10 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning and we are both feeling great. The weekend was a good time to rest and sleep a lot and really take it easy. Wife has had had a small issue with tight quads over the weekend but we did a couple of long walks to flush them out.

For myself - i watched a few videos and i came up with a plan for my repeat. I knew i could improve my result, the question was by how much?

Warm up
Wife did her thing as she did on Friday. I know she hit the rower and did some shoulder stuff and then i lost track.

I grabbed the same rower and WB as on Friday. i did some time tests on 19 cals prior to make sure i know and feel comfortable with the pace. I did some squats, shoulder band work and wallballs.

After 30min it was game on again... wife knew about the plan and what she will do and say so i know where i am. The plan was to complete every round in 2:05, this would mean that round 7 would be completed in 14.35 leaving 25 seconds for wall balls at the end.

Workout 19.1 - repeat

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
19 wall-ball shots
19-cal. row

Men throw 20-lb. ball to 10-ft. target

Result = 269 reps (7 rounds + 3 reps) (16 rep increase)

This time round felt ok but my knee started to hurt after the first round and either i didn't think about it or it stopped hurting after that. When i was on round 5 i was 20 seconds behind but i knew i could still reach 7 full rounds. On the 7th round i had 1.20 on the clock to complete the row. I put the pedal to the metal and completed that and then my foot got stuck in the strap and i lost a couple of seconds, grabbed the WB and completed 3 of them. had i not got stuck i could have completed 2 more but that's life.

It hurt more today but i am pleased, every rep will be Worth something.

After she did her warm up she started to hit her plan - Tabata

Tabata - AAB - total cals = 37

Tabata - KB Swings (American) = 68 reps

Tabata - Burpees = 34 reps

Tabata - KB Deadlifts 16kg = 83 reps

She said this was tough today.

Cool down
sweat and stretch for 20min

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