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Thomas R. Stegelmann 12-28-2010 06:02 AM

Roadbike - Perfect fitting

I love my roadbike. Since CrossFit is all about efficient movements, I would like to know if there are any guidelines for fitting my bike. I already noticed Pose Method for Cycling (safe), however I'm missing more detailed information on this.

Are there any other cyclist out there?


Jon West 12-28-2010 11:38 AM

Re: Roadbike - Perfect fitting
What bike do you have?? I have Scott CR1 Team. My fitting was done at the shop that I bought it from. After this winter, I'm going to have to go in and get another fitting as I'm ~20lbs lighter than when I bought it. I'm not the clandestine biker I used to be xD

Adam Alba 12-28-2010 11:43 AM

Pay Local Shop
A good fitting usually requires an experienced, objective observer. There are some general guidelines you can find based on your inseam, leg length, etc., but I think it's worth it to pay a local shop the $100 bucks to have them photograph you, take your measurements, make some observations, and then make the adjustments to your bike.

If you don't want to pay for the fitting, then try to have a friend take all your measurements, take pictures of you on the bike, and then make the adjustments yourself.

Here's a treatise on fitting (SFW) if you want to go that route.

Mike Mallory 12-28-2010 04:21 PM

Re: Roadbike - Perfect fitting
These guys (wfs) seems to be the final word on the matter, I'd find someone who's certified by them......theres a 'find a fitter' thing on their page.

All the big guns around here (Boudler/denver) get their fits through em........The regular 'shop fits' get near the right setup, but these guys really do some unique things. I've sat in on a fitting before, and its pretty cool stuff; couple photos here (wfs)

Thomas R. Stegelmann 12-29-2010 04:50 AM

Re: Roadbike - Perfect fitting
Thanks a lot for your replies. I received a fitting last year from my shop, which consists of experienced cyclists on national and international level. Nevertheless, it seems they do a lot straight from the guts and this is very different from CrossFit, which tries to break common myths. For this reason, I was hoping to find some new insights on this topic. I'll try to find someone in Austria, who has some experience with Pose Cycling Method and see what they have to offer.

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