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James Compora 03-07-2009 10:48 AM

elbow pain
I just started "greasing the groove" about 2.5 weeks ago, i was doing anywhere from 30-60 5 days a week. I now have pain in both of my elbows so im assuming its from GTG, now the question is... should i just take a few days off from it and get back into it? Maybe just stop GTG'ing completely for a few weeks? Maybe just not pass up 30 for the day but spread them out better? What do you guys think, i have added fish oil and glucosamine to my daily regimen

Camille Lore 03-07-2009 01:29 PM

Re: elbow pain
GTG with pullups? If so, search for golfer's elbow or elbow tendinitis.

Rest, ice cube massages, stretch (climber's elbow stretches), no gripping anything for awhile, use a tennis and or golf ball for massages to your forearms and biceps. Take some Aleve, not ibuprofen. You'll probably be down about 2 weeks if you do all that.

Steven Low 03-07-2009 06:08 PM

Re: elbow pain
Medial epicondylitis.... here's my general treatment (that works for me)

1. Rest. Especially if it's overuse.
2. Ice after any use & when sore. 15-30 mins per sessions for couple times a day.
3. Stretch flexors, strengthen extensors *until* pain subsides (medial epicondylitis). Then strengthen everything (my pref = rice bucket)
4. Self massage... cross friction and myofascial release the whole area inbetween both joints that surround it (shoulder to wrist for medial epicondlyitis; ankle-hip for something knee; etc.). As much as possible... at least 30 mins a day if not more. Also, tennis ball/golf ball areas & foam roll
5. Anti-inflammatories/NSAIDs. Fish oil is a good one.
6. Stay away from painful exercises. Period. It hurts, you're done.
7. Light eccentric exercises tend to help
8. + joint/cartilage health supplements like glucosamine & chondroin sulfate, MSM, shark, etc. Might be a good idea to start eating the cartilage and tendons off your meat too.

Robert D Taylor Jr 03-09-2009 05:48 AM

Re: elbow pain
Same problem, I think,
I stopped doing High rep or weighted Pullups for about 2 months, now it only hurts when I do prone arm pullups not neutral. Does this make sense? What are climber's stretches, how do I myofascial release my elbows?

Camille Lore 03-09-2009 07:01 AM

Re: elbow pain
Here are the particular stretches: (WFS)

I used a golf ball and rolled my forearms and triceps-any sore spots got more rolling.

Robert D Taylor Jr 03-09-2009 07:06 AM

Re: elbow pain
Thanks, Camille.

James Compora 03-09-2009 08:41 AM

Re: elbow pain
thanks everyone

Camille Lore 03-13-2009 11:59 AM

Re: elbow pain
You know, I think I have just realized that it's the underhand grip pullups that give me tendinitis. I did a short cycle of starting strength and when I came back from it, I just wanted to do overhand pullups. Underhand felt so un-natural and like there was too much twisting of muscles. I've been doing them underhand lately and lo and behold- I'm getting stabbing pains.

James Compora 03-13-2009 12:14 PM

Re: elbow pain
i think starting strength was supposed to be overhand camille?

Ryan Jones 03-13-2009 12:48 PM

Re: elbow pain
I've found that when my kip swing is too big I can hyperextend my elbow a bit causing pain. Do you have a big violent kip?

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