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Keith Wittenstein 06-14-2006 07:22 AM

I'm thinking about purchasing some equipment for training in the park. I was thinking of a 12 lb. D-Ball and a pair of 8kg Kbs. It's for my own training as well as training clients outdoors this summer. Do you think that those weights are too light or too heavy.

The other alternative is to get a 20 or 25lb D-Ball and bringing my 16kg to the park. I'm just worried that those might be 1) too heavy for me to cart around the city and 2) too heavy to train my clients with.

So please offer your opinions on:

What size/weight D-Ball(s)?
What weith Kettlebell(s)?
Do you have any good ideas for carrying approx. 50# of equipment around NYC? I was thinking of getting this:,80334_High-Sierra-26-Rolling-Duffel-Bag. html

Please chime in with your thoughts.

Frank DiMeo 06-14-2006 10:18 AM

Keith, this might help if you want carry heavy bells. Could be rough on public transportation, though.
Also, you can e-mail Dave at KBC(in NYC) to find out how he gets his KBs around the city.

Keith Wittenstein 06-14-2006 11:59 AM


Frank, I can just imagine pushing that through the subways.

I think I'll stick with the rolling duffel bag.

Catherine Imes 06-14-2006 12:29 PM

8kg kettlebells are pretty light in my opinion. How about 12kg bells?

Paul Findley 06-14-2006 12:36 PM

My wife started with a 14# D-ball and now uses a 20#. Slams and Wallball.

The 14# was good to start and lasted about 6 months.


Frank DiMeo 06-14-2006 06:00 PM

Keith, good point on that.
What was I thinking?

Keith Wittenstein 06-14-2006 06:42 PM

The thing is I'm concerned about carrying all that weight around NYC. Perhaps I'll stick with a D-Ball and some light dumbbells instead of buying some light KBells that will quickly be outgrown. Then when my clients get stronger, I'll bust out the 1 or 1.5 pood.

Thanks for the advice, everybody.

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