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Nic Olson 08-17-2005 01:30 PM

I will be investing in an ab wheel an would like any opinions on which ones are best.

I have heard that the power wheel II found at is great since you can also work your hams and back very effectivly, but its $50 new and $25 used (ebay)

On the other hand an old school wheel is $7. Any thoughts?


Bruce Kocher 08-17-2005 03:19 PM

Nic: I have one of these. It's well made and performs as advertised. Great Tabata potential. I have found it very easy to strain my lower back by not staying tight or holding a hollow or however you think of not letting your middle go soft. Good piece of gear and worth the price difference from the regular wheel (IMHO). Viewer discretion is advised.

Best regards,

Nic Olson 08-17-2005 05:20 PM

thanks for the insight. Good to hear anothers thoughts before spending $$

Adrian Bozman 08-17-2005 06:19 PM


I've had one for 2 years that I bought for about $10. It works great.
I also work/workout at a gym that has the one you mentioned. It works great too, but in exactly the same way as my cheapo model.

The cheaper model has two skinny wheels in the middle of the handle which is great because I can take the grips off the handle, spread the wheels and do one-arm wheel stuff.

The more expensive model looks nicer and has the loops for your feet which I've experimented with, but never really found much use for. There are plenty of other exercises that are better for developing Glute/Ham strength than this attachment, IMHO. The movement demonstrated on the website with the feet in the loops and drawing the stomach up in a pike position can be practiced on a hardwood floor in socks. Not worth the extra $$ if you ask me.

Of course you could always get a set of rings for a little more and do all of the exercises from the ab wheel on the rings plus about a thousand more. Rings are also more adjustable to your strength level which is great for learning progressions to really hard stuff, like standing wheel work.

Anyway just my two cents.

For fun when you get your wheel try this:
Have a buddy grab your legs wheelbarrow style and wheel you around as you stay 'tight' and 'hollow'. Going backwards is hard, as is changing direction and turning. Go slow in the beginning. Funfunfun.

Joshua F Hillis 08-17-2005 07:01 PM

One thing that really helped me with the ab wheel in the beginning was starting on my knees and using a wall to shorted the movement. Then build up to full range over time. Then starting from feet, start over using the wall again.

One cool idea for using the foot straps - you can do wheelbarrows all by yourself.

Ross Hunt 08-17-2005 10:27 PM

A point to consider: Standing, full-ROM wheel roll-outs take considerable shoulder strength. This is not a bad thing, but if your shoulders happen to be weak, then this might not be the exercise for extra abdominal training.

The power wheel is fun for ab endurance work. You can do walks in push-up position for distance - very cool. BTW, I never got a posterior chain workout out of this gizmo.

Nic Olson 08-17-2005 11:10 PM

This is alot of good info on wheels.

To change the subject, can the power rings or something similar be found anywhere else? $80 is alot to me. Thanks

Edward D. Friedman 08-18-2005 03:03 AM


Depending on what you plan to do with the Rings, until(if ever,) you decide to get them, the idea for a very inexpensive PVC "apparatus" in this link may serve your needs.

Stay strong,


bill fox 08-18-2005 05:42 AM

FYI - crucial to keep the pelvis tucked and NEVER lose tension. Two very strong traines I know have jacked up their backs on the wheel. I chucked mine after doing it.

IMO - walkouts are safer. Stand like you're going to touch your toes. put your hands flat on the floor as far away from feet as necessary. Start slowly walking out your hands till you're like superman, MAINTAIN TENSION, then walk the hands back.

David Wood 08-18-2005 07:01 AM

I'd second what Bill said, but also point out that if you want a wheeled rollout, a barbell with loose plates works pretty well, too.

Nic Olson 08-18-2005 12:16 PM

Good Ideas! The PVC info is great. My parallettes are made from PVC and I still have some stuff lying around. I have tried walkouts but found wheels more effective and a much smoother movement.

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