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Thomas J. Cusack 03-08-2012 10:09 PM

Selling my entire home gym
I am about to move. I have no problem keeping my garage gym as it is, and I have room for it where I am going, but I figured I might spare myself the effort, and put together a new gym when I get where I am going. Currently I live in North NJ in the suburbs of NYC.
My love for the crossfit community is great, so I apologize for basically spamming the message board, but I thought that the right individual might be here.
I wanted to give some would be firebreather looking to add to their equipment collection or to basically get everything they need in one go the opportunity to do so before I throw all this up onto ebay/craigslist as individual items and see what happens.
Here's whats in the What's Mine Could Be Yours Package:

2 ROGUE Hi-Temp 10lb Bumpers
2 ROGUE Hi-Temp 25lb Bumpers
2 ROGUE Hi-Temp 35lb Bumpers
8 ROGUE Hi-Temp 45lb Bumpers
1 B&R Bar by York Barbell
2 Spring collars
1 Dynamax Ball Hefty 16 lb
1 Dynamax Ball Hefty 20 lb
1 30lb Msucle Driver slam ball
1 16 lb D-ball Keystone slam ball
1 24" Wood Plyobox
1 Legend Econ GHD - Bolt Together
1 Concept 2 Model D Rower w/PM3 monitor
2 53lb Premier Ader Kettlebells
2 40 lb Powersystems 40 lb KBs
1 28 kg Powermax KBs
2 10 lb dumbbells
2 25 lb dumbbells
1 Abmat
1 Weight tree (to hold the above mentioned weight)
2 black rubber 6 ft by 4ft and 3/4 inch thick.
1 harbinger standard bar pad
1 ROGUE SPX Squat Stands w/ 4 J cups
1 Ironmind 5 Star Flat Bench
1 set Elite Rings
1 Garage gym dip stand/squat rack/spotter rack adjustable

Retail on this would be around 5,585.75, I’m asking for $4,250 flat. Though, this being the crossfit community, I anticipate that some of you will make me offers I can (or perhaps cannot) refuse.
I’d prefer to sell the equipment all in one go either to a box owner or devoted crossfitter, but I will entertain offers for individual (or grouped) items on the list if no one is biting on the whole package.

The equipment is used, and has been used well, but has all been well cared for (and generally falls into the “indestructible lifetime of use” category of stuff to buy). I.e. my Burgener bar gets a loving wipedown with WD40 after every use, and my Concept 2 has been kept lubricated and loved.

This price is not inclusive of any shipping, but with what is essentially a complete gym I would hope you would be able to come and pick it all up in one go with a suitably manly (or womanly) truck. Lets start with the does anyone want it bit and then go for the how to get it to you question later...
You may PM me to make an offer. First come, first served.

Thomas J. Cusack 03-10-2012 07:16 PM

Re: Selling my entire home gym
Sold to a nice little future box in northern NJ.

They were doing open workouts as we moved in the equipment.

Love this community.


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