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Chuck Geyer 06-23-2008 08:17 PM

2000 Meter Row
You'll find that in every erg competition the most prestegious event is the 2k race. So, how do you compare? For those who have never done it before, you'll find this takes a little more strategy (....and balls ;) ) Than the really short peices.

My PR: 6:13.6

I allways felt like i could have done better but before I could, i ended up tearing a bunch of muscles in my back during while i was in my best erging shape, so I'll never know if I could have broken that 6:10 barrier.

Justin McGinley 06-25-2008 08:37 AM

Re: 2000 Meter Row
I have to give this a try next time I am at the gym. I'd be thrilled to be within 30 seconds of your PR, but who knows. I might be faster going all out than I think I am.

Chuck Geyer 06-25-2008 11:28 AM

Re: 2000 Meter Row
Yeah give it a go. GL to ya!

Leonid Soubbotine 06-25-2008 11:50 AM

Re: 2000 Meter Row
Did 6:59 on the third try a long time ago. Never done it since.
6:13 is flying!

Jimi Miller 06-25-2008 12:48 PM

Re: 2000 Meter Row
This is my number 1 thing I'm working on right now in between WODs. I'm a terrible rower but this should be good for me. 9:48 first time through last week. Once I knew a bit more about what I was in for I did a 9:15 yesterday .

I hope to get below 8min someday soon. I've only been able to keep that pace up for the first 600-700m so far. I'm definitely going to need to do some research on technique. No trainer unfortunately.

Chuck Geyer 06-25-2008 01:19 PM

Re: 2000 Meter Row
well in the grand scheme of things 6:13 is pretty good, not great/godly/amazing for a college rower. I would have loved to break 6 min mark but for my size its pretty hard (i'm 6'2" most elite rowers are 6'5"/6'6" on average). As for you Jimi, what i recommend that you do if you want to improve your times once you are done your workout, get on the erg and go steady state for 30 or more minutes working on technique. I can't tell you how much more improvement is possible with technique. I am a crew coach for hs and i can tell you that a smaller weaker crew will win hands down with better form. Application of power is most of the time more important than potential power. Focus on utilizing the legs as much as possible on the drive, the vidoes that cf gives are pretty good. Look them over a couple times and really pay attention to what the girl is saying. Oh and lastly, all i can say is don't go to high on a damper setting, or to low. I tend to use 5, I find that i am more efficient at that setting.

Anyway, hope to see some more erg scores, like to see what crossfitters are at. Thanks to those who have posted so far :)

Chris Walls 06-25-2008 01:24 PM

Re: 2000 Meter Row
Hey Chuck, check out (wfs) for some data on where CrossFitters are at with the rowing.

Richard Vanmeerbeek 06-25-2008 01:55 PM

Re: 2000 Meter Row
Tried for the first time last week and got 6'48". I did it on damper 8, I will definitely give 5 a try then, becaus a 6'13" sounds pretty damn fast !

Chuck Geyer 06-25-2008 03:04 PM

Re: 2000 Meter Row
Yeah, i'd like to challange Johathan Burns to do the 2k. He is the guy on the crossfit main page that did a 500 meter in 1.18. something. Thats pretty good. Thanks for the website! :) Keep in mind when you are doing a 2k you don't want to be at a really low stroke rate. Yes it is all based on preference but you won't see to many really good 2k's at a stroke rate below 28. Normally having the damper at 8 will effect your stroke rate and your ratio.
ratio is the amount of time on the drive compared to the amount of time on the recovery. You want to have a shorter amount of time on the drive and a longer amount of time on the recovery. the ideal ratio is 2:1 (recovery:drive) On the erg it can be a little bit more difficult getting that ratio, but the principal is still the same, get less time on the drive and more time on the recovery.

Bryan Veis 06-25-2008 06:15 PM

Re: 2000 Meter Row

Where do you coach? I had daughters row at W-L and TJ.

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