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Kirez Reynolds 02-11-2008 01:43 PM

Sott's Press
If my search is to be believed, the only time Sott's Press has been mentioned is in Aushion Chatman's exercise log, where he did them with KBs.

(Sott's Press: starting with broomstick, in Overhead Squat position, squat down, hold in squat below parallel, lower bar to backsquat position, press bar overhead; repeat this behind-head press while holding squat.)

Here's the video of Burgener teaching it at the Olympic Lifting Cert: [url][/url]

Sott's Press is difficult.

I'm scraping the back of my neck on the press up, and hitting the crown or back of my head when lowering the bar down. What's my problem? What's the remedy? Shoulder flexibility, or... ? Should I keep repeating it, or -- shoulder dislocations?

I'm impressed by those guys doing 135# -- their first day?! Wow. What's the secret?

Gant Grimes 02-11-2008 02:23 PM

Re: Sott's Press
Remove the apostrophe and you'll find two thread titles with 108 posts.

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