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Chris Lampe 09-02-2010 08:51 AM

knee pain information needed
Sometime in the past 3-4 days I injured my knee. There was never a specific point where I knew I was injured, it just started hurting one day. I suspect the problem came from starting back on my bicycle. The mechanics of my body versus the bike requires me to rotate my right foot to a high degree to keep it on the pedal.

The pain is just below the knee cap and although it's strongest in the center, it also extends around to the lateral and medial sides. Pressure on that area hurts. Hyperextending (or even full extension) my leg REALLY hurts. It pops frequently and I have to be careful when I'm walking or it can either lock up or it feels like the joint becomes unstable.

The pain is generally only noticeable when I'm standing, walking or put pressure on it.

Any suggestions on what this is likely to be? Ligament damage? Tendonitis? Bursitis? ACL? Other?

I suspect the RICE method is the appropriate treatment but I'd also like to hear any different advice if anyone has any.


Steven Low 09-08-2010 06:06 AM

Re: knee pain information needed
It really sounds like you just aggravated the fat pad perhaps underneath the patella.

However, the mechanics of getting teh right foot in sound weird. Do you have some hip flexibility issues or other things like flat feet or something?

If so, this may help wfs


I would probably suggest getting it checked out since it doesn't fit the usual injury patterns of any specific injury at least from yoru description.

Chris Lampe 09-13-2010 09:31 AM

Re: knee pain information needed

Thanks for the response! We had a spell of really windy and hot weather and I didn't ride the bike and my knee is back to normal so it was probably just some kind of aggravation.

From doing some work with an RKC I do know I have some movement issues but I suspect my primary problem is that I currently weigh over 350 lbs and it's probably an issue of my calves clearing the chainrings and crank. I'm not sure about this but I'll take a close look tonight when I ride.

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