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Tina Dobson 08-01-2008 01:21 PM

Two months and counting
This is my wall of fame/shame...hoping this will help me stay right on target. I turn 36 in a few months and I have a definite goal I want to reach, and I am doing the Marine Corps Marathon a few weeks later. If ever I needed to be on target it is now.

I take one completely "free" day which is Friday. I've played around with different days over the years and Friday seems to work best. Sundays are long run days, Mondays are easy days. The rest are pretty much somewhere in between.

I'm discovering I need to re-read the Zone them a few years ago but that was mostly just from the perspective of someone wanting to lose weight, not performance. I'm realizing there is a lot I have forgotten. I'm also going back to the basics of REAL lifting. I used to lift a lot but gradually I girled-out and started using <choke> machines. Now that I am actually lifting weights again it feels almost foreign, so all in all, this is definitely a combination of "back to basics" and "KISS". :kicking0::kicking0::kicking0:

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