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Benjamin Conklin 09-03-2012 09:53 PM

Severe shoulder pain. What is my injury?
So I started getting severe shoulder pain close to a month ago. I BELIEVE it was aggravated from one of two things.

#1 I was trying to learn the bar muscle up on a really pull bar, with several failed attempts, and kept trying well beyond the point that I believe that I should have.

#2 In the following days I did a 3rm shoulder press. This is before i had ever started putting the active shoulder into play.

This is when I had just started Crossfit. I was exercising with more of a bodybuilding mentality before this. My shoulder pain would come and go... But i did not feel it at any time other than during workouts. Now it hurts almost constantly in certain positions.

If you think of the shoulder like a ball, the pain for me feel like it is dead center (if you were looking at my profile) and it feels closer to the surface than deep down.

It is a pinching type pain, and very sharp.

I dont really know how to explain the movements very well, but, the pain is not so far (more like sore but not jabbing pain) when i am rotating the shoulders both short rotations and full arm rotations.

If I move my arms through the horizontal plane at shoulder level my left shoulder hurts ALOT. Same goes with the vertical plane, not so much over head (till it is directly overhead, or slightly past) but if i start with my hands at my sides and move my arms to the rear, the pain is severe.

Ibuprofen seems to work ok but it is temporary.

There does seem to be some "grinding" occurring, though the right should feels fine and seems to "grind" the same amount.

Resting on the left elbow (i.e. lying down with head on the hand) is very painful. Pretty much everything involved with sleep hurts the damn thing. I have to basically lay flat on my back now. Even if i sleep on my right side, the pull from gravity is annoying.

Now, I am currently deployed and my options are limited. I saw the WOD.. 100 thrusters and finally decided its time to step back and let my shoulder have some time off. I am hoping rest will do it, but Im not holding my breath.

Any doctors out there that can tell me is this a simple impingement, that might just get better with rest. Or does this sound like a full blown RC injury?

EDIT: Another thing i think could have cause it, HSPU. Again I am not sure. All these things were done relatively close together. Muscle ups first, 3RM second, HSPU third. Im not sure if it was one of those and the pain took time to set in, or a combination of the 3.. 2 of them being relatively unfamiliar territory.

Any insight would be great.


Tim Donahey 09-04-2012 07:45 AM

Re: Severe shoulder pain. What is my injury?
It could be one - or a combination of - several things. Seek professional medical advice from an orthopedic. Regardless though; rest, ice, compress, elevate.

Gravel Brown 09-05-2012 03:34 AM

Re: Severe shoulder pain. What is my injury?
Sounds like theres a bit going on there mate. If i were you id definitely get an MRI, at least that way you know exactly what youre dealing with. I went through 4 months of 'guessing' with mine, such a frustrating time. If i had my time over again id just get the MRI straight away. This way you can plan your recovery, be it surgery or extensive PT.

In the meantime, rest is your best friend, its hurting for a reason, no point making it worse.

Keep us posted, be interested to hear the prognosis.

Brian Strump 09-05-2012 04:47 AM

Re: Severe shoulder pain. What is my injury?
Go. To. The. Doctor. :welcome:

Justin Ludwig 09-07-2012 05:59 PM

Re: Severe shoulder pain. What is my injury?
Where are you deployed? Don't let the PA blow you off with a bottle of 800m Motrin, like they always do. Get it looked at.

I used pillows to offset gravity and let me sleep comfortably.

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