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Nick Wilson 08-21-2005 05:17 AM


I do all of my workouts in my garage, and I'm slowly building / aquiring the equipment I need for Crossfit workouts. One exercise I'd really like to try is wallball (I've currently been subbing for thrusters), so the next piece I'm considering is a medicine ball. However, I've got a question.

My garage roof is only about 8' 6" high, and I can't realistically train outside. If I set up a wallball target right at the ceiling level, it's still fairly low, bearing in mind that I'm 6' 3" tall. After all, the standard seems to be to have the [b]bottom[/b] of the target at 10', whereas the bottom of mine would only be about 7'.

How different will the exercise be with such a low target? I'll hardly have to throw the ball at all, so the throwing part of the exercise will be less explosive than I think it should be.

Would I be better off simply continuing to substitute dumbbell thrusters, or will wallball with a low target still be worthwhile?

Thanks for any opinions.

Keith Wittenstein 08-21-2005 09:42 AM

I say bounce it off the ceiling or go outside. Although thrusters are fine, I like wallball better and I think you should try to do them even if they aren't perfect. Perhaps get a heavier ball to make it more challenging.

However, if you aren't getting anything out of the smallwallball then do thrusters.


Mark Gebhard 08-22-2005 10:49 AM

It's been awhile since freshman physics, but I did some calculations recently (I just made my first medicine ball) and I think doing wallball to an 8' target with a 28 lb ball is roughly equivalent to the standard 10' target with a 20 lb ball. I haven't been able to physically compare them though, so I could be wrong.

Nick Wilson 08-23-2005 10:23 PM

Thanks for the comments. I think you're right, it's worth trying smallwallball and seeing if I find it beneficial (I expect I will). A heavier ball might be the answer if it's too easy (unlikely to be the case for a long time!!)

I'll train outside when I can, but sadly that's not often (and due to get even more infrequent now that the 3-day British summer seems to have passed).

Thanks again.

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