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Bradley James Thompson 05-11-2011 04:34 AM

Creaky knees
My knees are creaky. The worst I've noticed is when I try a lunge. The leg forward makes a little snap every time I get up.

Is there any way to get rid of this?

I know it's common, but I hate it, because it certainly seems like a problem, even though the common response is if it doesn't cause pain it isn't. But to me, it means somethings wrong, just possibly not very wrong.

Bradley James Thompson 05-11-2011 06:29 AM

Re: Creaky knees
Also, I can bend my right knee inward, yeah, 90 degrees from the normal plane or rotation, to make it pop every once in a while. I can kind of sense when it's read to pop, and I rotate my knee inward and it pops like a knuckle. Why does this happen, and how can I fix it?

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