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Allan Jackman 05-31-2010 12:26 AM

18lbs in 2 months!
On 10 April 2010, I weighed 192lbs, this morning I was at 174lbs, that's 18lbs in about two months. It's actually been fun during this process. I first started CF in 2008, but stopped once I got to a new unit. My new unit conducted a weigh-in on 10 April and I was shocked at the 192lbs I weighed. So I committed myself that I would get into shape. Shortly afterward I began hitting the weights everyday around 1600hrs, which made me want more. But, both of my gym buddies had to leave country due to emergencies, so I was forced to find something I could enjoy on my own. I remembered how I felt in 2008 with CF, so I began doing the WODs around 25 April. Since the area I am deployed to has limited items, I bought some rings, a jump rope and made a 20lb med ball from a free basketball.

About 1 week in from doing the WODs, I kept seeing the Zone and Paleo being mentioned in the videos, so I researched them and entirely bought into what Coach Glassman was saying about nutrition. The more I listened the more I wanted to know and understand the science/biology behind the diets. I like it when there's logic connected, which was done very well in many of the videos about nutrition on the site.

I changed my eating and the weight seems to fall off my body. Now the raw vegetables actually taste good.

I am now addicted to the WODs and love my eating style as it is definitely paying off. I'm trying to see what my limit is by pushing myself to a pukie, but I don't think that I am to. I love to feel sore after a workout, and CF definitely makes me feel good.

I can only hope I can spread the word about CF and its benefits and I can't wait till I can get to an actual CF gym in the states. I'm tired of learning everything from the videos and articles. I want to be critiqued in my form.

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