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Nick Cummings 12-12-2007 12:44 PM

What Would Greg Do?
He would lift twice as much weight in half the time and shoot fireballs from his eyes.

ME Back Squat 1x135,185,225,275,315

Leonid Soubbotine 12-12-2007 01:02 PM

Re: What Would Greg Do?
He'd look at the barbell and it would squat itself.

For mere mortals:
fx402 (current PR 385. Wasn't feeling the squat today so just rode that sucker down or the sucker rode me.)

Weights are odd since I use Kilo plates.

Leonid Soubbotine 12-12-2007 01:55 PM

Re: What Would Greg Do?
Let's go with WOD's M->F.
If a rest day hits - personally will work on Oly's.

Leonid Soubbotine 12-13-2007 12:54 PM

Re: What Would Greg Do?
Fun day today:

Snatch (in kgs)
353; 453; 553; 653
67.51; 701; 72.51; 75xfx1; 77.5xf

57.52; 67.52; 77.52; 87.52
901; 92.51; 951; 97.51; 100xf

Tall snatch - worked up to 45kg, missed 47.5.

Three rounds for time of
500 m Row
Push jerk x12 reps, 245 lbs Db's.

6:59 rx'ed. Legs were "loving" it after all the snatches and cleans.

Guy Lewis 12-14-2007 01:58 AM

Re: What Would Greg Do?
sorry nick starting late, got 25:40 for angie (pulls ups drilled me,took like 19minutes to do them!) and my squats went like this: 264,297,297,308,330,330,330,341,341. PR'ed on the squats by 5kg's in two weeks.

Anthony Bainbridge 12-14-2007 04:58 AM

Re: What Would Greg Do?
For the record, the title of this thread cracks me up every time I read it. Great stuff!

Leonid Soubbotine 12-14-2007 06:34 AM

Re: What Would Greg Do?
One ouf our clients looks up to Greg for everything.
One day he said: "I try to do everything that Greg does."
- "Are you on the Zone?"

After that we both (Monique and I) get him every time with "WWGD?" and got Greg to sign A4 version of my thumbnail for him at the Charlotte Cert. Greg thought that was one of the coolest things.

Guy Lewis 12-14-2007 06:36 AM

Re: What Would Greg Do?
for todays WOD I did 132,143,154,165,176 for the press (PR by 10kgs!!)

for the push press and press jerk I took it down a notch and focussed on skill.
Push Press:5 setsof 154
Push Jerk:132,132,143,132,132

Leonid Soubbotine 12-14-2007 10:04 AM

Re: What Would Greg Do?
SP: 155x1
PP: 187x3
PJ: 182x5, got 203x3

Shoulders were toast from Snatches and C&J yesterday, plus Angie.

DAS WOD (modified):
Max rounds in 6 mins:
10 pushups
10 jumping pullup (Barely any bend in elbows - harder than kipping pullups actually)
10 candlesticks

3 rds.

Nick Cummings 12-14-2007 08:46 PM

Re: What Would Greg Do?
I'm not really sure how to approach todays WoD. Heres what I did though:
Strict Press 1x115,125,135,145,(failed 155)
Push Press 3x115,125,135,145,155
Push Jerk 5x115,125,135,145,155

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