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Kim Betts 08-05-2008 08:23 AM

Forms and Other Info
My husband is going to start the affiliation process this week and we are looking at opening a facility in the next couple of months. I am wondering if anyone has any forms (waivers, parental consent, policies, etc.) that you would be willing to share. Or does anyone know where to look for ideas on formats for proper CrossFit forms? Any info would be helpful...a lot to learn! Thanks!

Craig Takahiro Descoteaux 08-05-2008 08:51 AM

Re: Forms and Other Info
if you are a nsca member they have a generic waiver and minor waiver form, its one page, and all you add is your gym name. if you dn't have a membership, i'll send it to you.

Kim Betts 08-05-2008 12:28 PM

Re: Forms and Other Info
Can you send it to me please...that sounds very helpful. Thanks!
Our email is:

Kevin Wood 08-05-2008 12:52 PM

Re: Forms and Other Info
Sent you an email.

Kim Betts 08-05-2008 12:59 PM

Re: Forms and Other Info

Originally Posted by Kevin Wood (Post 367280)
Sent you an email.

Thanks again! Everything helps when you are getting started!

Stephen Flamm 08-05-2008 05:10 PM

Re: Forms and Other Info

I'm in the same position. Any chance you send a few things my way as well at

Brett Lemley 08-05-2008 06:23 PM

Re: Forms and Other Info
Sorry to pile on :) but I'd love to see those forms too. My email is


Todd Lynch 08-06-2008 02:43 PM

Re: Forms and Other Info
Kim, Brett, Stephen.... email sent

Kim Betts 08-06-2008 03:00 PM

Re: Forms and Other Info
Thanks to everyone for the great info and forms!

Jeff Edwards 09-10-2008 04:59 PM

Re: Forms and Other Info
Mind if I tag along? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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