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Joel D Barnett 08-27-2007 03:46 PM

Getting Wife on CF

I have been Crossfitting for almost 4 months now. I believe I have finally convinced my wife to give it a go! I am so happy about it! Her initial reluctance has been due to the pullups and other things that she "can't do". I have given up my gym membership and I am dedicated to my home gym. However, she still goes and has access to a gravitron. For O-Lifts, I think I have her convinced to try it out with a dowel or broomstick or whatever (no weight).

I have talked to her a while in ways that (I think) make sense to her as a former competative swimmer. I planned on starting her on the BrandX modified WOD's. I review the FAQ's quite often. Is there anything else I should keep in mind in helping my wife get going? She is a wildlife biologist that spends quite a bit of time in the field walking streams, and we have a 16 month old. :)

Thanks in advance for any advice or feedback the community might have to offer!

Derek Maffett 08-27-2007 04:46 PM

Re: Getting Wife on CF
Let me echo someone else's advice and say don't push her into it too fast. Make the workouts harder over time and don't give her the full truckload of pain all at once. I am not talking about avoiding rhabdo here but rather about preparing her mentally for Crossfit.

Milton Grasle 08-27-2007 04:59 PM

Re: Getting Wife on CF
Joel, it sounds to me like you're taking the right approach in trying to bring your wife into crossfit. Your enthusaism about her participating has to be noticed by her. You have an advantage in that she has previous athletic experience. What I find, when I first approach or explain crossfit to someone, is that if I'm not careful it sounds like a very extreme exercise regimine. Especially when they see the WOD posted. I'm sure you will, or already have, explained about scaling and the beginning programs for those new to crossfit. If I were trying to convince someone to take up or try crossfit, I would point out how it is a complete program, hitting ten important areas crucial not only to performance but to health: Strength, Agility, Speed, Balance...etc. Also, crossfit never gets boring, and if you can convince her to stick with it for awhile, it might become a little addictive. Hope this helps some. Best of luck.

Joel D Barnett 08-27-2007 06:07 PM

Re: Getting Wife on CF
Yes, her previous athletic experience does help when I explain some of the rationales. I think that getting her going with scaled WODs is the key, as was mentioned so that she doesn't get hit too hard too fast. She is a hard worker, and I'd rather have her ask for more than get spooked.

As other posts have mentioned, she was questioning the lack of "cardio". I just told her to try it for a few weeks and see if she is still concerned about that! I think she is just used to 30 min on ellipticle for the last few years. Talking about the variety it promped her memory to her swimming days when they would have to vary the swim workout approaches periodically.

Brett Andrus 08-28-2007 10:49 AM

Re: Getting Wife on CF
Lack of "cardio"!!
Have her read The Zone (chapter 6)
Then tell me how to get my wife to CF with me:)

Brent Lucas 08-28-2007 10:55 AM

Re: Getting Wife on CF
I actually help my wife with her pullups..

She throws on a lifting belt and I have some paracord handles on.

I assist her through her ups and she handles the negs.

Won't be long before she is doing them on her own.

Joel D Barnett 08-28-2007 12:13 PM

Re: Getting Wife on CF
I don't think she be talking long about the "lack of cardio" (ha!) once she tries CF! She tried a scaled version of Fran on Sunday, but must not have paid close attention. She did a modified CFWU and 19, 17, 13 reps of 20# thrusters and assisted dips. She is sore and had trouble working the eloctroshocker (fisheries work) at work!

I have thought about asking her if she would like me to assist her on pull ups, but she has this real independent streak in her. I think I will offer and let her decide. She might be more willing if she keeps having to wait for people dorking around on the gravitron. I will also point out that I believe assisted pullups are more beneficial than the gravitron due to grip strength, core engagement, etc...correct me if I am wrong on that point, please! The only place she could do dips at home are on my rings (not ready even with assistance, I don't think) or on a bench, which could be a good place to start.

Today's WOD I will have her choose the BrandX version she would like to tackle...either 75, 150, or 250m. I just did the 400m version and I bet some soreness is in store!

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