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Aaron Blenkush 07-22-2007 01:00 PM

I recently registered at (w/f/s). It is a website originally intended for people to collaborate about their weight loss plans, but I am using it to keep a journal about my weight gain goals.

If there is anybody who is also a "hard-gainer" looking to put on pounds of lean muscle with me, let me know and I will send you an invite. Or you might be able to join yourself with a little searching. The name of the group is Hardgain Allstars, and my username on is bluefanta.

I think the groups only allow up to 3 people, but basically we'll be able to motivate and push each other to exercise right and eat healthy.

I'm a 20 yr. old 5' 11" male weighing in at 150, my target is 170 in at least the next couple years, but hopefully around 12 months I'll be close to that weight.

Lynne Pitts 07-22-2007 06:37 PM

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