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Ray Cooper 06-06-2006 02:19 PM

Just been diagnosed with 'low-grade stress fractures of both right and left tibias' and am looking to maximize healing while maintaining my fitness. Comes from running 5days a week on pavement (go army, go go go).

I'm on top of the standard stuff like calcium and cutting the little caffiene that I use, but does anyone else have anything good? Also, any training I should avoid (besides running and rucking of course)? It's my understanding that lifting is good for increasing bone density, but I'm not sure that includes 450# deadlifts and such.

Thanks for any help.

Jerimiah Childress 06-07-2006 09:50 AM

Sorry to tell you this, but the best thing is as much rest as possible. If you do any weight bearing exercise like deads or squats do light weights for reps and most certainly nothing that provokes pain.

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