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Stephen Reeks 06-18-2005 08:27 PM

have any of you used hampton bumper plates, or any of hamptons olympic bars etc.
i went into my sports store here in Australia and asked if they new what olympic plates were and if they could order some in, and i nearly collasped when they said yes and whipped out a catalogue with a fine selection of hampton gear.
all info would be greatly appreciated

Peter Galloway 06-19-2005 04:30 PM


I got a pair of the 15 KG Hampton "bumpers" - but was very annoyed to discover that they are merely iron plates with a rubber rim, rather than true solid rubber bumpers. Although they are cheap, they are probably not too much better than your standard iron plates in terms of "drop-ability". With this in mind, I would advise either getting iron plates (which will be even cheaper), or splashing out more for proper bumpers (although they'll take a bit of finding if Oz is anything like the UK - oh for a supplier like Bigger Faster Stronger over here!).

However, I also got a Hampton bar that I am very happy with - it was mega-cheap and very good value.

Pat Janes 06-19-2005 07:49 PM

I don't know how good they are, Stephen; but I get rubber bumpers from a place here in Brisbane for $4/kg. I figure at that price, even if they are crap (I've had no problems and I drop them on cardboard laid on top of concrete) they're worth a go:


Not terribly convenient to you, but if I can get them here, maybe someone around your area can supply them; they are marked as "Sportline"; I'd never heard of them, but they do the job.

Adrian Frankling 06-20-2005 01:59 AM

there is a couple of companies over here in the west that supply them, but they are around $8 kg and again too far away. there is a mob in newcastle ( i think) [url=][/url] i don't know what they have at the moment but from their site they seem to be able to get a fair bit of stuff, otherwise i think the company is Olympia who are in melbourne.

Pat Janes 06-20-2005 04:31 PM

I talked to Anthony (from Modern Primitive) a while back about bumpers. He supplies oly bars (in fact, it's where I got mine from), but at the time he didn't supply plates (steel or bumpers).

He was talking about sourcing them from Torque in the US, which is where the bars come from, but I don't think he's quite there yet.

Lincoln Brigham 06-21-2005 09:03 AM

I have owned both the Hampton bumpers and the Hampton bars. The bumpers were a disappointment and I cannot recommend them. The hubs are too thin and won't put up with too much dropping, plus they are too thin to stay straight on the bar. Big time wobble. On one set of bumpers the yellow paint flaked off and left little flecks of paint everywhere. I ended up selling them at a big loss and upgrading.

The bars are fine. They come in some handy smaller sizes, such as a 30 pound bar.

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