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Mark Miller 06-13-2006 08:23 PM

Ok I typically scan the WOD page after I complete one to see how my times are doing. I looked up the one for linda on 06-07-06 after doing it today 06-13-06. I see people posting these great times for this hellish workout. What gives?? I am 205lbs I did 310 deadlift 205 bench and 155 cleans and it took me 50 minutes. Are people not doing the correct weights or am I just sloooooow? Thanks

Lynne Pitts 06-14-2006 12:10 AM

Moving to the WOD section, and to answer the question, you're slow. :wink: Of course, you're moving quite a bit of weight, too. And your times should improve as your conditioning improves. Linda isn't mean because of the prescribed weight scheme, which is pretty reasonable; she's mean because of the time factor.

Mark Miller 06-14-2006 05:22 AM

Thanks for the encouragement. Ha ha. I will try and get better. Would doing JT the night before at about 2230 and then doing Linda at about 1130 next day have an effect?

Lynne Pitts 06-14-2006 06:10 AM

It probably didn't help! The WODs are deceptively strenuous and 12 hrs is probably not the ideal for recovery. Some folks in the >30 min Linda pool like to switch things up; sometimes do the prescribed weight, time regardless, and sometimes scale the weight to get that sub-30 time. Kind of a best-of-both (strength and conditioning) worlds.

Anthony Bainbridge 06-14-2006 06:39 AM

Mark, the first time I did linda, it took over 52 minutes and was pure hell. Didn't help that I did max effort deadlifts a couple of days prior, but still.

The good news is that the second time I did linda, my time came down to ~34 minutes. And that's including the time it took to wrap my sprained hand before every set of cleans.

So don't worry, your time will improve!

Craig Van De Walker 06-15-2006 05:43 AM

The first time for me with Linda was ~53 min. I felt like I got hit my a car (from behond) for three days after. you will get faster. Also many (but not all) of those short times are scaled down if you look at the weights. I have yet to get a sub 30 time though

Zach Davis 06-22-2006 09:08 AM

Had my first date with Linda a few days ago...went with the prescribed scale (working off of my Bench Press, the weakest link in this one for me)...

Holy Yikes! The strain/load of Linda is a great way to expose weaknesses!

A few thoughts:
- Working with just one bar can be a little sketchy, unless it's well planned. I'm pretty sure that during transitions is where my form suffered the most, and probably where I weakened the most.
- Doing it forf the first time, it may be a good idea to ratchet back the weight a little and go more for time... just to get a better bench-mark. Either that or use 3 bars or have a good buddy spotting and helping on the transitions.


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