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Frank Menendez 01-12-2006 01:09 PM

I am new to the powerlifting exercises so I will be posting a bunch of videos shortly. I will start with the overhead squat.

My own personal critique is in the squat itself. I felt that I was not able to go deep enough without compromising balance (my shoulder flexibility is to blame), I also felt my legs were too wide.

Okay, here it is:


Guest2 01-12-2006 10:33 PM

Frank - you're right about your shoulders most likely - you're compromising your knee and hip motion/position to maintain the overhead position.

Instead of beginning the squat with a knee bend, try initiating by flexing your hips - that is, push your hips back first, then begin bending the knees. Drive your weight back on your heels - should stay there for the whole movement.

Also, your feet are a little wide, but not horribly so. I'd try them slightly narrower.

More importantly, your feet are rolling inward on your way down. Fight to keep them flat on the ground - imagine trying to bunch up the rubber mat between your feet.

Finally, try wider grip on the bar - looks like you have plenty of mirrors, so use them to find 6-10" overhead.

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