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Shane Andrews 04-15-2004 11:27 AM

Hi all,

Read Rob Faigin's book and liked the message. I just finished my first 2 carb load meals yesterday p.m. I am feeling very dizzy and foggy headed today almost like the initial metabolic switch days. Is this something I will have to deal with? Am I doing something wrong? Does this mean I am carb sensitive?

Any advice will be welcome and appreciated.

Jay Edvardz 04-15-2004 12:09 PM

Did you go through the whole metabolic shift period eating under 20 grams of carbs? Were to consuming enough fat during the transition? What and how much did you eat during the carb load?


Shane Andrews 04-15-2004 06:38 PM

Hi Jay,

Thank for replying. Yes, I went through the metabolic shift under 20 g/day. I am really hittng the protein/fat ratios hard. I am supplementing pre and post work out with the cream/ice/flaxseed/protein shake. The carb loads were 1/2 Cup of yams with bread. I did this in two meals. I ate two bananas in the frenzy which may have ruined things?

Jay Edvardz 04-16-2004 03:45 AM

All in all you seem like you did everything just right. Fruit always makes me feel lightheaded and dizzy, though this just lasts for a few hours. Honestly, I always feel like total crap after a carb load. Whether eating junk on the Anabolic Diet or "whole carbs" on NHE, I feel terrible the day after (both mentally and physically). I would say give it a shot for another week or two and see how you feel after the carb loads. As of late, I've switched to using a carb + protein shake post workout with great success. Keep us posted on how you progress.


Shane Andrews 04-17-2004 04:45 PM


What source of carbs do you use as your post w/o carb + protein shake? I'd like to try something similar to aid in muscle glycogen recovery post w/o.

Jay Edvardz 04-17-2004 05:51 PM

I use Maltodextrin for the carbs. It's not paleo, that's for damn sure. I use 20 grams protein and about 60 grams carbs post workout. This is really my only dense carb source though. Other than those PWO shakes, the only carbs I get are from veggies and nuts.


Robert Wolf 04-19-2004 09:12 AM


I like the CLC diets in general but I found the carb loads to be very problematic. I am becoming ever more warry of insulin spiking so the enormous carb meals do not sit well with me...either physically or intelectually.

I have found the Zone to be better in any comparisson I can make.

Shane Andrews 04-19-2004 02:30 PM


Thanks so much for the input.

I have had several bad experiences thus fat with the big carb loads as well. I am not sure if I should continue. I am sort of beyond thinking it is just a dietary "adjustment". I am reading Enter the Zone now. Nice work from Dr. Sears. I know that Coach and others here highly regard Sears' work and methods. Have you personally found improved results with paleo/Zone? How do you feel about mixing Carbs with Fats?

Robert Wolf 04-20-2004 01:16 PM


I had good success with NHE but nothing compared to the Zone. I do better with about 75-80% of the carbs recomended by the Zone. This is where you will need to tinker. The fat carb combo does not appear to be an issue when glycemic index/loads are small particularly when in conjunction with a small meal size as advocated by the Zone.
Keep us posted on your progress

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