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Pete Mielo 09-21-2008 08:57 PM

Questions about my Zone
Throwing this one out to whoever wants to answer...

I've been doing Zone now for maybe a month or so. I am a 34yo male, 5'6", 185lbs. When I did my calculations, I came out to about 23% BF, so I've been using 4-4-2-4-2 for blocks.

When I started, I was about 188-190. I've gotten down to 182 but have since been stuck between 182-185. There are definitely times when I stray when times are busy, but overall, I stick to it and bring breakfast. lunch and snacks to work and stick to it. My activity level has dropped in the last month due to lower back issues but I started back last week.

My interim goal is to get down to 170; ultimate goal would be 155.

So my questions are:

Does it seem like I'm using the correct amount of blocks?
Would the drop in activity level be the cause for currently being stuck like I am?

Any additional advice on the Zone that I didn't specifically ask is gladly appreciated.



Laura Kurth 09-22-2008 06:44 AM

Re: Questions about my Zone
well you have only been doing it for a month, and you are down 5lbs on the scale... i think that sounds pretty good.

I would suggest you keep doing 16 blocks for another few weeks and if you still do not lose anything, then you may need to adjust.

Are you using fitday or similar? post a link, or post what you eat for each meal each day.

do you weigh/measure or just eyeball? important to weigh/measure as you can be WAY off with guesses.

in the past month have you 'cheated' a lot?

Nick Hanson 09-22-2008 09:17 AM

Re: Questions about my Zone
What kind of carb sources are you eating? Also, are you exactly measuring your fat? If not those would be the two things that I would take a look at. Also, when I started the zone 9 months ago I was 190lbs and 6 feet tall. Are you sure that you are only 23% bodyfat? I was doing 16 blocks at that time. You may think about checking your bodyfat percentage again.


Pete Mielo 09-22-2008 08:44 PM

Re: Questions about my Zone
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Thanks Laura and Nick. I will definitely re-check my percentage to ensure I've got it right. I also need to get a kitchen scale. I measure the things that are easy but eyeball a lot, especially my protein. I try to keep my carb sources to fruits and vegetables from the favorable list. I have definitely cheated more than I should though. Gotta' be more strict.

I haven't used fitday or anything similar but I need to give it a try. I also need to give it some time and stick with it instead of being inpatient.


Pete Mielo 09-22-2008 08:53 PM

Re: Questions about my Zone
Sorry about the extra pic, I screwed up!

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