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Johan Nederhof 03-17-2009 11:17 PM

Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog
Started monday on my second cfsb-cycle and made a few small changes as I did not recuperated enough.
In the next 5 weeks I will do 4 cycles of the following:

day 1: Squat 5x5 +WOD
day 2: Sh-pr 5x5 + DL 1x20 + WOD
day 3: Rest
day 4: DL 5x5 + P-Cl 1x20 + WOD
day 5: OH-sq 5x5 + Squat 1x20 + WOD
day 6: Rest
day 7: P-Cl 5x5 + WOD
day 8: Fr-Sq 5x5 + Sh-Pr 1x20 + WOD
day 9: Rest
Rince and repeat.

sq: 5x 120 kg
WOD during night-shift, not timed
3 rounds of hspu + 20 kg KB-snatch + squats

sh-press: 5x60 kg
dl 20x 100 kg
WOD: Murph-like
30x double under
20x pull-up
10x 50kg thrusters
20x K2E
30x double under
time 7:30 min

Johan Nederhof 03-22-2009 04:31 PM

Re: Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog
C1d3: restday

C1d4 thustday 19/3
my wife's birthday, spend half the day in a sauna, man was I rested!
training in the afternoon
- Deadlift 5x 140 kg
- powerclean 20x 40 kg *not heavy at all but my grip started to fail)
- WOD: 3 rounds os: 20x 24kg KB-swing + 20x burpees
time: 9:27 min
- Ladder: weighted pull-ups 10kg.
score: 6 rounds

C1d5 friday 20/3
OH-sq 5x 45 kg
squat 20x 80 kg
WOD: AMRAP 10 min: 5x 50kg p-press + 10x K@E + 15x double unders
score: 3 rounds + 5+10
the doubleunders realy did me in

C1d6 Saturday 20/3

C1d7 Sunday 21/3
WOD: 5 rounds of
5x powerclean (add weight every round, 50-60-70-75-80(x3=F) kg)
10x pull-up (interesting after the powercleans)
20x wallball sit-up
2 min rest
score: 1:42 - 1:37 - 1:55 - 1:54 - 2:36
today's stenght part where the power cleans. I could do 75kg, but the 80kg was too heavy. Next time I will repeat 75kg, then add weight)

Have fun,

Johan Nederhof 04-14-2009 11:16 PM

Re: Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog
a too long a post and you will be thrown out. So I will do it again but now in pieces.

Johan Nederhof 04-14-2009 11:19 PM

Re: Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog
23/3 monday
fr-sq 5x85kg
sh-pr 20x30kg

sq 5x125kg
wod: r rounds of
- 10x pull-up
- 5x ring-dip
- 200mtr run
time: 9:31 min

sh-pr 5x60kg
105kg deadlift
- horizontal bar dip
time: 10:29

Johan Nederhof 04-14-2009 11:23 PM

Re: Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog
28/3 saturday
deadlift 5x 145 kg
wod: 21-15-9
45kg p-cl + pull-up
time: 7:51 min
tough on my fore arms

29/3 sunday
oh-sq 5x50kg
sq 20x 85kg
wod: amrap 10 min
- 20x sledgehammer
- 20x 20kg KB cl/pr
score: 4 rounds + 20x hammer + 19x KB

31/3 tuesday
p-cl 5x75kg
wod: 6 rounds of
- 5x cl/j 30kg sandbag
- 5x jumping muscle-up
time: 7:16 min

Johan Nederhof 04-14-2009 11:30 PM

Re: Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog
2/4 thursday
slack-line + hand-stand practise

4/4 saturday
5x box-sq 130 kg (harder then regular)
wod: Helen (runs 540 mtr)
time: ca 15 min

5/4 sunday
sh-pr 5x65 kg
wod: 5 rounds of
- 5x 45kg + elastic bands sh-pr ( I like those)
- 5x 10kg pull-up
time: 6:22 min
oh-sq 5x 55kg

6/4 monday, trained with Jan v Delden of the new crossfit affiliate in Deventer
20x 105 kg deadlift
wod with Jan
- 50kg overhead anyhow
- pull-up
- push-up feet on bennch
time: 12:48 min
The workout would have been better with a lighter weight for me. I needed too many breaks.

Johan Nederhof 04-14-2009 11:36 PM

Re: Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog
Had a conversatiopn with a collega and suddenly we had both agreed to run the Rotterdam Marathon in April 2010 together. Well...

7/4 tuesday
interval sprint

10/4 friday
10x Cindy + 10 50kg Bear in 13:47 min

11/4 saturday
amrap 10 min Charlie P ( h-sq-cl + racked lunge L+R + p=press)
5x 40kg, 5x 45kg, 5x 50kg and 2x 55kg in 10 min
then run 3 km in 18:20 min

13/4 monday
p-cl 5x80kg
fr-sq 5x90kg
- pull-up
- ring push-up
time: 4:30 min
Ladder sprint (1x 25-50-75-100 mtr) times 2

James Forshaw 04-15-2009 05:25 AM

Re: Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog
Wow, you are racking up a lot of volume with your programme. 5x130 Box Squats is very impressive.

Definitely try Quarter Gone Bad, it was posted on the main page several months ago. It seems like 100 is the score to beat. Good luck!

Johan Nederhof 05-20-2009 07:21 PM

Re: Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog
I am definately not a faithfull blogger.
Did my training though.
details to follow later

Johan Nederhof 06-02-2009 11:09 AM

Re: Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog
did this beauty yesterday


21x 80kg b-squat 21x 28kg KB-swing
15x 60kg fr-squat 15x 28kg KB-swing
9x 40kg OH-squat 9x 28kg KB-swing
time: 7:54 min

afterwards 3x 10 reps of russian twist using 10 kg on the olympic bar

Today: tuesday 2 june

slacklining + KB juggling + escrima basics
followed by basking in the sun on the beach, nice !!!

Have fun, Johan

Johan Nederhof 06-04-2009 01:29 AM

Re: Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog
buy in, as rx'd (crossfit 603 workout)
done on wednesday 3 june

AMRAP 20 min: 5x pull-up + 5x 75% of max deadlift
as my max dl is ca 140 kg, I did the 5x dl with 100 kg
score: 16 rounds + 3x pull-up

Boz OH-squat therapy
shoulders will get more flexible as tim goes on.

3 hours later: tabata run on threadmill
12 degrees and 9 km/h
In hindsite, I could have gone faster, next time 9,5 km/h
extra, some TGU's, finished with 3x 20kg

have fun, Johan

Johan Nederhof 06-26-2009 05:20 AM

Re: Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog
Saturday 20/6/09
10>1 24kg KB-swing + burpees
time: 8:02 min

Tuesday 23/6/09
3rnds TGU + 10x pull-up
olympic lift practise
Tabata run, 12%, 9,5 km/h, next time 10 km
cash-out: hspu + evil wheel

Thursday 25/6/09
1>5 60kg cl/j between every round 10x pullup + 10x push-up
time: 10:57 min

Friday 26/6/09
Buy-in: started with deadlift 5x3 untill 3x 160 kg
WOD: Nicole: 16-14-15-15-12 + 190 mtr run
cash-out: pvc roller on the back and legs (no foam roller here, pvc works as well)

Have fun, Johan

Johan Nederhof 07-26-2009 05:55 PM

Re: Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog
last 3 weeks of training
tuesday 14/7
handstand, muscle-up, KB-juggling, cartwheel practise

Wednesday 15/7

Thursday 16/7
tabata run, 12%, 10 km/h
wod: AMRAP 10 min
- 3x DB snatch (start with 20 kg, add 2 kg each round)
- 6x C2B pull-up
- 9x jump over bench
score: 5 rounds + 2x 30kg db-snatch

friday 17/7
flight for Belfast Olympic cert with coach Burgener

Saturday 18/8 Snatch practise
WOD with Sage:
100x squat + 2x muscle-up
75x squat + 4x muscle-up
50x squat + 6x muscle-up
25x squat + 8x muscle-up
time 13:02 min

Advice: Do NOT do this workout with a lifting cert. it WILL ruin your legs for the next 4 day's. It was fun though.

Sunday 19/7
repeat snatch, practise clean/jerk

Monday 20/7
flight back home

Tuesday 21/7
restday, just handstand and skill practise

Wednesday 22/7
same, skill and handstand

Thursday 23/7
read Jason Bourne, nice

Johan Nederhof 07-26-2009 06:05 PM

Re: Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog
friday 24/7
buy-in: 30x double unders
wod: interval sprint
cash-out: handstsand + cartwheel

Saturday 25/7

Sunday 26/7
skill weightlifting + 4x 4 min tempo-run on sand

untill next time, have fun,

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