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Johan Nederhof 06-04-2009 01:29 AM

Re: Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog
buy in, as rx'd (crossfit 603 workout)
done on wednesday 3 june

AMRAP 20 min: 5x pull-up + 5x 75% of max deadlift
as my max dl is ca 140 kg, I did the 5x dl with 100 kg
score: 16 rounds + 3x pull-up

Boz OH-squat therapy
shoulders will get more flexible as tim goes on.

3 hours later: tabata run on threadmill
12 degrees and 9 km/h
In hindsite, I could have gone faster, next time 9,5 km/h
extra, some TGU's, finished with 3x 20kg

have fun, Johan

Johan Nederhof 06-26-2009 05:20 AM

Re: Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog
Saturday 20/6/09
10>1 24kg KB-swing + burpees
time: 8:02 min

Tuesday 23/6/09
3rnds TGU + 10x pull-up
olympic lift practise
Tabata run, 12%, 9,5 km/h, next time 10 km
cash-out: hspu + evil wheel

Thursday 25/6/09
1>5 60kg cl/j between every round 10x pullup + 10x push-up
time: 10:57 min

Friday 26/6/09
Buy-in: started with deadlift 5x3 untill 3x 160 kg
WOD: Nicole: 16-14-15-15-12 + 190 mtr run
cash-out: pvc roller on the back and legs (no foam roller here, pvc works as well)

Have fun, Johan

Johan Nederhof 07-26-2009 05:55 PM

Re: Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog
last 3 weeks of training
tuesday 14/7
handstand, muscle-up, KB-juggling, cartwheel practise

Wednesday 15/7

Thursday 16/7
tabata run, 12%, 10 km/h
wod: AMRAP 10 min
- 3x DB snatch (start with 20 kg, add 2 kg each round)
- 6x C2B pull-up
- 9x jump over bench
score: 5 rounds + 2x 30kg db-snatch

friday 17/7
flight for Belfast Olympic cert with coach Burgener

Saturday 18/8 Snatch practise
WOD with Sage:
100x squat + 2x muscle-up
75x squat + 4x muscle-up
50x squat + 6x muscle-up
25x squat + 8x muscle-up
time 13:02 min

Advice: Do NOT do this workout with a lifting cert. it WILL ruin your legs for the next 4 day's. It was fun though.

Sunday 19/7
repeat snatch, practise clean/jerk

Monday 20/7
flight back home

Tuesday 21/7
restday, just handstand and skill practise

Wednesday 22/7
same, skill and handstand

Thursday 23/7
read Jason Bourne, nice

Johan Nederhof 07-26-2009 06:05 PM

Re: Johan's CrossFit in Holland SB-blog
friday 24/7
buy-in: 30x double unders
wod: interval sprint
cash-out: handstsand + cartwheel

Saturday 25/7

Sunday 26/7
skill weightlifting + 4x 4 min tempo-run on sand

untill next time, have fun,

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