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Todd Phillips 12-28-2017 02:05 PM

Hi there. 46yo here injured my right arm a couple months ago after a hard row machine wod. After the class my elbow area was burning painfully for hours. I'd never had any issues like this before that time.

Ever since then the pain has not gone away completely and limits what I can do to varying degrees depending on the exercises. I'd never had any problems before or any buildup to the problem so just expected it to heal.

I've discovered that certain activities cause it to flare up a lot, like anything row related, and wall balls. Oddly things like pullups usually don't bother it.

Took a week off over the Christmas week but didn't notice any significant healing, then last night at class we had ring rows as part of my first WOD back in action, and the pain in my forearm and bicep tendon area after class was bad all night even waking me up in the night.

I've been massaging it a lot with a muscle cream but today the pain is so bad it's hard to type at the computer for very long.

I've ordered tennis elbow braces today so hoping that will help. The most important question I have is if this is tendonitis or is it maybe a tear? What kind of doctor needs to be seen to know for sure?

Will it ever heal? How much time completely off would I need to give it to heal? Anything else I can do to assist healing and prevent it from getting worse without having to completely stop working out?

Todd Phillips 12-28-2017 04:22 PM

Re: Tendonitis?
Nevermind. I didn't find any results when I searched before posting but now I see at the bottom of my thread suggested threads that are basically repeats of my questions/concerns with good comments/suggestions.

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